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Borderlands 2 - Show Me Your Guns!

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People, people, people. I need to know only one thing.

Are the death screams of enemies burning to ashes, being electrocuted so their heads pop and being burnt with acid just as wonderfully over the top as in the first game ? I could have sworn they went even more over the top within the first games DLC as well. Nothing more fun than seeing an enemy running around screaming just before they pop their clogs :P

Having just picked up an incinerating gun: oh yes!

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No one fancy this then?

Despite enjoying the first (even with a gamepad on 360, my usual FPS horror), and deciding I've got loads to play and that I wasn't going to spend any more on games this year... yes, yes I do. PM incoming.

Fuck it, why not. I'll chip in too if you want.

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Just jump in the rllmuk group buddo :)

Remember when Edge devoted two paragraphs to Borderlands and gave it a 6? Good times good times.

This one has more hype so they're going to bother ;)

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So i had a play on this last night on PC version using a VPN, to see hwo it would run on my Q6600 with 4gb of slow ass ram and a 560ti. it's butterly smooth with all the graphics options set to high. so it's pretty well optimised.

as for the character class colours above, theres a whole host of colour options for all the classes, so if you were coordinated with people you could all be green if you so wish. a nice touch is the option to change heads with a few different variants. you unlock a bunch more (1 for each class) if it detects a save file for borderlands on your machine. pretty slick so far.

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