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Star Wars!


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So, has anyone picked up the X-Wing miniatures game as yet? I'm massively tempted even though I do think it's a bit on the expensive side. I've heard good things about how it plays though and I like the fact that you can knock a game out in 20 mins.

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I don't think it'd work at all as a solo as the whole movement aspect is meant to be secret and you're not supposed to know what your opponent is doing until they reveal. In the case of a solo game all that is removed so it just won't function at all.

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Thanks! I've got a few games that work solo, but they all involve too much setting up for me to be arsed with, unfortunately. I'd dig a quick and dirty small squad level skirmish type miniatures game that can be set up in a couple of minutes and played alone. D&D mini's looks interesting with the solo mission that WotC released for it. It reads a little bit like the way they do the monster AI in the board games.

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Some people on BGG are working on Solo rules.

I've seen a couple of versions, but the one I like is:


1: For each TIE, choose a move at random (spin the dial face down)


Ignore Stress effects.

2: then when moving each ship, if the randomly chosen move takes the TIE off the board, reverse the direction of the turn if it's a turn.

3: if a TIE has a rebel ship in fire arc when it finishes moving, it uses the "focus" action. if not, it uses "evade"


4: TIEs always fire based on the following priority

1st priority: rebel fighters able to shoot it this turn.

2nd priority: closest range.

this should give unpredictable TIEs that still fight relatively sensibly in terms of shooting, usable for a simple furball scenario. making a solo-rules set that can cope with actual mission objectives would be much harder, though.

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Yup, just looked the prices for the 'expansion packs' up on Amazon. WTF!

But, on the other hand, Star Wars! Dinky X-Wings! Eeeeeeyyyyyooooooooooooowwwwwww! Pchoo! Pchoo! 'Red five, standing by!'

I just know I'll be caving in and buying more of those suckers. Wait 'til the character ships make it out there - who isn't going to be getting the Millennium Falcon?

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Different game xibxang, and the card game went back to the drawing board rather than being totally scrapped. It's due for release fairly soon I think and has been designed by Eric Lang who also designed Warhammer Invasion so fingers crossed he's done as good a job with this as he did with that card game.

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OMG, have you seen the Falcon miniature for this game? Must resist. The cost. The cooooost!

Looking on eBay, you can see sales of "various punch-out cards" or packs of pilot cards, for this game....and posibly the odd cheap, ship, too. Is it possible to pickup everything you need to play the game in this manner (bit by bit from eBay), over time, rather than investing in the whole game in one go?

Why do people have the odd set of "varoious punch-out cards" to sell, as opposed to the whole game?

Edit: Oh, and if anyone's selling second hand....c'mon, offload it to me, I mean, come on, it looks rubbish, you should really sell it on. I don't care if you've only had it a week.... ;)

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