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Sony PSX thing.....


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Crikey, I was looking for it earlier and couldn't find it. Be interesting to see where that $ to £ conversion comes in at for UK based importers.

I'm sure they'll do a perfectly accurate conversion, using the most up to date exchange rate data to ensure you don't pay over the odds.

Oh no, hang on: they'll gouge the fuck out of you and replace the dollar sign with a pound one.


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Wait until the release the updated version with all the bits they have removed for the first batch such as +RW recording etc.

bah, just looked on liksang and you can't use a ps2 multitap, so 2 players maximum (unless they release a PSX multitap) :o

I'm going to invest when they're released here in the US, though I'd much prefer it if they'd put mp3 support 'back' in.

One bit I'm not clear about though, can you record programs off cable, then burn them to a DVD that can be watched in any DVD player? Does anyone know?

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The features that were removed will be readded by a software update in a few months, so even if you buy a PSX now you'll still get the same features when the updates are ready.

I didn't know software can add an Ethernet port.

It has an ethernet port so you play online ps2 games but can't use the other BB features.Yet...I think...

BB Navigator - The BB Navigator software is not included and incompatible with the PSX. You can still access online games however using the included network adapter but cannot access games channels
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