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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - ELEAGUE Boston Major 12-28 Jan

The Sarge

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Just had a matchmaking game from which I was kicked and rightly so. Couldn't be bothered with that R8 shite. What a dumb fucking game this is with the wild west patch and horse footstep sound effects.

Valve are officially the worst company around now.

Steam Link? No one cares.

Steamtroller? No one cares.

Steam Machine? What?

CS:GO? "Let's slowly run that into the ground every chance (patch) we get!"

This cheered me up at least.

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I don't know if any of you are watching the IEM tourney but the Navi vs LG match on Overpass has been absolutely amazing. I've literally been speechless multiple times with my jaw dropped to the floor during this match. The definition of a masterclass basically. Just... wow. :lol: 



I don't even understand, so good.




Can't take this, can't handle these rounds




What an insane match!


18-18, and every single round comes down to the wire, my god this is a good CS-match! No to forget that this is map one of a bo3...:b

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Highlights of the IEMs are starting on Sky 2 in 15 minutes.  Having played CS since 1.3 I still can't get over stuff like this.  It feels like I'm living in some weird alternate reality




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I'm so annoyed I missed out on watching all those amazing matches cause my brother had to hold his damn birthday party at the same time, ugh! :P


Really looking forward to ESL Cologne 2016 though, getting the tickets tomorrow! :omg:

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I nearly failed my degree because of Counter Strike.  She is a cruel mistress, but I love her with all of my soul.


Also - I'm loving these Cloud9 POV videos with their voice comms from last year's ESEA finals.  Are there any more knocking about from other english-speaking teams?


It surprises me how little they use sound, it all seems to be intelligent peeking and reliance on (admittedly pretty amazing) reactions.  When I was playing 1.5/1.6 in a clan we barely talked on voice comms so that we could all hear footsteps, or people switching to 'nades or whatever.  I genuinely think competitive CS is the best stealth game there's ever been.

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I had no idea those videos existed, gotta check them out! Always interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes so to speak.


VN1X gets hella mad when you try give him info cause he "can't hear anything", eheheh.


But yeah I'm super hyped for ESL Cologne, just hope the organization won't be as messy/unlucky as Kattowice, that was terrible.

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