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I'm looking for a new online game


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Rainbow Six is ace ! It's a bit easy at times (especially the Terrorist hunts), but definitely worth the purchase.

If you are looking for a bit more bite, you should consider Ghost Recon: Island Thunder. No eye-candy there, but a very fulfilling Tactical experience nonetheless...

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Ive heard the aiming on XIII is terrible?

As in time stoppers or whatever 2 bad?

Im tempted to get it otherwise

No way, it's nothing like Time Splitters 2 abysmal, headache inducing, aiming method. :o

The aiming dot stays in the centre of the screen all the time.

I've had no trouble getting headshots with all manner of weapons - knives, bolts, bullets. ;)

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Rainbow Six on Live, is it unplayable unless you comunicate? May want to rent it but soun like a mutant frog at the moment and don't want to scare people.

Co-op missions and terrorist hunt need communication, the rest can be done without. Although I'd rather have a mutant frog than silent guys :wub:

-Oh, and Rainbow Six 3 is ace. It's my favourite Live game so far... Although Ghost Recon might be a grower, and is looking very good too, especially as it's more tactics.

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