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Resident Evil Revelations (3DS)

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(2D image of Nintendo 3DS game)

No official thread on this'un yet, so with the release of a number of trailers and some more info at GamesCom 2011, I thought it was about time.

E3 2011 trailer.


GamesCom 2011 trailer (feat. Conan O'Brien?).


Gameplay vids from GamesCom 2011.

GamesCom 2011 factsheet.



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EDIT: These adolescent developers need to fuck right off with their absurd portrayal of women in games. THIS DOES NOT EVEN MAKE SENSE.

The hair is one thing, okay she's emo I get it. But why does she need to have a cup size E and be half naked? Doesn't this hinder her in the line of duty a bit? This obsession with tits is hurting my games.

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So apparently that's what actually happens at the end of the new version of the trailer (the new character is killed off). So it was all a big, very stupid stunt.

She's then replaced by, I dunno, Jill Valentine or somebody. It was hard to tell because her ass got more screen time than her face.

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That's a shame, it will assumedly cover the "confrontation with Wesker" that left Jill presumed dead at the start of 5. Which means more Wesker :facepalm:

I think the period between CVX and 4 would be much more interesting, I still think it's wierd we never saw the fall of Umbrella.

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