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DJ Sacks weekly appreciation thread: HotD

DJ Sack

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Help! Everyones getting kille....

You shall alllll DIE!

The House of the DEAD!

Shoot zombies with a pistol, watch as blood splatters everywhere, uses the saturns gun. YES please!

The saturn did a faithful conversion, sure the graphics are very grainy, but the gameplay is there. Starting out from your car you come across some zombies and dead people. Before the dogs jump up at you.

Its your typical gun game, shoot people, they die. But the difference here was zombies didnt die with just one shot, it took multiple shots to kill them, shoot them in the stomach and their insides would explode leaving a gapping hole, shoot their head and part of it will explode, but they'll still keep coming at you.

you had to save people as well instead of just not shooting them, pick off the zombies quickly before they killed someone and they might thank you with an extra life...or leg it.

The music is a bit werid for the game, sort of techno dance type affair, but its nice enough.

Maybe G's over there!

Hurry...you must save them...

The house of the Dead 2!

More of the same really, better graphics and even better voice acting. Especially from the evil boss who created all the zombies. Dogs...of...the...A...M...S

Its hard really to write about these games, they are oh so simple, yet great fun, especially in two player or john woo style. The bosses in this game were a lot better and bigger, theres also a few car journeys to mess up your aiming as well.

The House of the Dead 3

House of the Dead...but with a shot gun. Havent played too much of this but it does nick the targetting system from jarassic park for some bosses, where you have to hit key areas. Plus a nice BIG pump action shot gun. Just what this game has always needed.

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House of the Dead...but with a shot gun. Havent played too much of this but it does nick the targetting system from jarassic park for some bosses, where you have to hit key areas.

You had to hit specific areas in the others didn't you? I haven't played HotD3 yet, so it may be different to the others, but I definitely remember having to hit a very, very small green spot on the first boss in the original.

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You did have to hit specific areas, like the head for example, but in HotD3 you had to hit a foot which had a circle on it, the circle would then move to another foot which needed to bet hit etc.

Oh I see.

I only played Jurassic Park briefly, and didn't get very far. Slightly OT, but I was always surprised it was never carried over to the DC. I'd always assumed it would be.

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You know, I only ever enjoyed the original arcade game. Got the Saturn version and found it to be a huge dissapointment; it lacked an indefinable quality which made it really boring to play.

Arcade version is still adrenaline-pumping fun all the way.

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goldman pronouncing the emperors name..."behold...the empwewowr"...hee hee. i remember getting nigh on 90,000 on that on normal and 1 credit which topped the high score table nicely, im sure its been murdered by some japanese loony player now tho. i still play hotd on the saturn but its bugged, you cant shoot the spiders webs on the 3rd level so u always take hits...for shame. infact the whole conversion...for shame.

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The thing I always recall most obout HotD2 (it's the only version I have) is the "so bad it's good" voice acting.

"I hope this isn't G's blood"

I find it rock hard though, furthest I got was about half way through

This is the only version I have, and the only one I've ever played.

I agree the voice acting is great, in a naff way!

The Dreamcast Gun is excellent especially with a jolt pack plugged in.

I remember playing HOTD2 for the first time, blasting a hole through a zombies torso, and then being able to see straight through it was fantastic...

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I've got the DC version of HotD2 and two guns. At the time my most expensive purchase for one game (and it still is I reckon). I managed to recoup some of my expenditure by getting Confidential Mission. Shame there isn't any more PAL DC shooters...

HotD3 is allright, but damn those shotguns get heavy quick (especially if they're chained to the arcade machine :rolleyes: ). Stupid noodle arms :D ...

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The Saturn conversion of House of the Dead was terrible, and almost as poor as the insufferably limp PC versh (although at least the PC one didn't have protracted loading pauses every ten seconds).

Top class in the arcades, though, and one of the few coin-ops ever that I can finish on one credit.

HotD2 just didn't quite have the appeal of the first for me, and despite the very excellent shotgun, the third is frankly unmemorable tosh.

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