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Not sure how big an audience this topic will find on the forum but here we go regardless. Sheffield DJ and producer Toddla T has just brung out a new album called 'Watch Me Dance' (Spotify link). Like his first album 'Skanky Skanky' it's mostly good time carnival style dance music with a very strong Jamaican sound system influence. If anything he's possibly toned that down a bit and it's ever so slightly more commercial sounding, but the guy can definitely write a pop tune. There's one called 'Cherry Picking' with Roisin Murphy on that is amazing for instance. If you like dancehall, garage, grime, hip hop or any kind of rave then he's probably going to be for you.

Also, if you ever get a chance to see him DJ with his MC, Serocee then seriously do as he's great fun. I don't think there's another producer of his profile who puts as much into it as he does.

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I ride, got a few of his old twelves that always go down well when played at the appropriate time of the evening.

His production sound reminds me of Seiji a bit, although I think Seiji is a bit more versatile, if that makes sense.

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I freakin' *love* Toddla T :D

If you guys haven't heard it, its well worth tracking down his Fabriclive mix (this). Its basicaly a bit ol' mashup of Skanky Skanky tunes with some other stuff thrown in for good measure.

Watch Me Dance is definitely growing on me - its too short though! The album ends just as its really getting started.

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