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Goth and Industrial

Oh Danny Boy

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Depends what exactly you want really. As with anything, those two genres are massive, and sub-genre quite far down. Chances are its probably been Industrial rock/metal with a bit of EBM/Synth thrown in and a good measure of gothy stuff.

EBM wise you might like to try something like Nitzer Ebb or Front 242 or Pouppée Fabrikk.

Electro-Industral, you're looking at something like :wumpscut:, Skinny Puppy or Android Lust or Skinny Puppy.

Industrial rock you're looking at the likes of KMFDM, or Nine Inch Nails.

Industrial Metal try something like Rammstein, Ministry and Gothminister.

Aggrotech/Terror EBM/Hellektro (whatever the fuck they're calling it these days) you could try something like Combichrist, Hocico, Feindflug or Psyclon Nine.

Goth wise, christ, erm. Sisters of Mercy? Clan of Xymox. No idea really!

Im not sure if thats what you want, as none of them probably sound like "Post Punk". These wont be definitive and the genres are probably all wrong (as I quickly looked them up on Wikipedia). But it should give you a good start to youtube some and see if you like them! (You could also try some stuff like Noisuf-X, Eisenfunk, Uberbyte, VNV Nation and Blutengel). I've been too long out the loop to know who is who, what is what.

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Uh well I'm into the early goth stuff that is basically post punk?

I see you have a dinosaur junior avatar, so maybe you're coming from a similar place? ie I listened to a lot of noise influenced sonic youthy type stuff before I discovered this kind of thing? Here are some great albums of some pretty gothy artists, basically stuff I would put as MY FAVOURITEST GOTHOLIC ALBUMS EVERRRRRR, But the whole goth label is a complete mess really, as often the only thing in common is a look rather than a sound...

bauhaus - in the flat field

siouxsie and the banshees - Juju

the cure - pornography

red lorry yellow lorry - talk about the weather

x-mal deutschland - Tocsin

Virgin prunes - If I die, I die

The sisters of mercy - First and last and always

christian death - only theater of pain

The birthday party - Junk Yard

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Let me know which club night it was and I can probably guess the playlist. In the meantime, here are a few tracks to get you started. Just try to ignore the fact that most of the big dancefloor hits are about the horrific death of a loved one due to suicide/drowning/cancer/war. Or Pong. Bloody (cyber)goths.



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