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Cougar Town


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It's been threatened for a while, but it looks like they're finally renaming the show:

Cougar Town cocreator Bill Lawrence has news for fans of the ABC comedy: “Those that loved the title…. [it's] not around for much longer.”


More pragmatically, Lawrence says that ABC research shows there are a “high number of men that will NEVER sample show called [Cougar Town], even those that liked it once they screened an epsiode.” Also problematic is the “incredibly high rate of fans who will not/or can’t get friends to watch due to the title.”

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I stop watching it after a few episodes because it was crap, not because of the title.

Then, after the whole Community love-in thing I tried it again and fell in love with it as much as I did with community. I think the title cards they do now are quite funny most of the time, I'll always pause the video to give them a proper read.

I wonder that they are coming up with that will keep it recognizable for the casual viewers they already had an attract a new audience at the same time.

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Er... yes she is/was. At least one of them. As witnessed from the very first episode.

I only watched most of the first season, but I was always under the impression she was just Courtney Cox's young assistant who was there to initiate her to act 'cougarish'. Wikipedia describes her as "Busy Philipps as Laurie Keller – Jules' young feisty employee who is known for her fun-loving personality. Laurie works with Jules in the same real estate office, as her assistant. She encourages Jules to get out and have some fun and tries to reacquaint her to the world of dating." I went off the show so maybe my mind blanked out the details.

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Capping off a particularly bad week for quirky cult television, ABC has quietly benched Cougar Town, proving that NBC’s hatred of Community is obviously so strong, it’s even getting rid of its characters’ favorite shows—even if they’re on other networks. Of course, ABC failed to mention those shadowy backroom meetings with NBC where that conspiracy was hatched, thereby condemning itself with silence. But it did offer vague reassurances to TV Line that the Courtney Cox-starring show with the regrettable title will return sometime in the spring. Should you have any unused Cougarton Abbey references in the coffers, now would be the time. (Elsewhere in news you don’t care about as much, freshman show Man Up is also missing from the lineup, only to be replaced by cross-dressing sitcom Work It as part of ABC’s bizarre “Emasculation Comedy Hour.” So, that’s sort of a wash.)

UPDATE: Deadline now says that Cougar Town will return in March, although the delay means that this season has been cut from 22 episodes down to 15. And in more bad news/sort-of-good news/baffling news, it will take over Work It's time slot after that show "finishes its run" (It certainly sounds like Work It is well worth the investment!), where it will be paired with Tim Allen's Last Man Standing as a lead-in. Because fans of Tim Allen grousing about the ladies, amirite? would enjoy nothing more than immediately hanging with a divorcee and her deliciously catty wine-swilling crew.

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Well there is in the first few episodes. e.g. You basically watch CC give a younger chap a blow job (just off screen) and admit she loves it.

That's before it changes tone to more of a quirky sitcom. But the first few episodes (8ish?) are an entirely different show really. Only the name remains of that show now.

Where are you quoting that from, Hexx? That is an appallingly written.


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We started it watching from about episode seven or eight and were quite surprised by the difference when we saw the earlier episodes a few month later. Had I seen those episodes first, I don't think I'd have bothered with it but it really did improve when it changed direction.

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So this has been on my Amazon watch list for a while, but I was a bit put off by what I understood the show to be and am not the greatest fan of Courtney Cox - but now that I'm at the end of the first season I really like it.

Like some of the other, similar ensemble-cast shows I've enjoyed (New Girl and Happy Endings spring to mind, though I know they are aimed at a younger dynamic) it has a good central core of people. It's ticking a number of boxes - I like that Bobby, whilst being a bit Homer Simpson at times, is a good father; I like that Grayson is on-board with the gang (it would have been easy for him to be written as being a bit detached and above the group, but that's not been the case); I like that Jules is her own woman and gives as good as she gets, that Ellie is the authority figure and Laurie has an innocent/quirky charm. Travis provides a nice balance too between Jules and Bobby.

I've read some of the season outlines so I know that Grayson and Jules get together which, in fairness, was blatant from the start. That's actually one of the things I like - there hasn't been this terrible 'will they, won't they?' throughout, it's all happened quite organically. It's something that a lot of shows don't handle too well (I'm thinking New Girl here, I haven't seen it since Nick and Jess got together as I felt it was a terrible move for the show.)

I know there will be a final season next year. Did anybody else in here carry on watching it?

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