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Wargames Cause Violence


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It's local to me. I'm sure a tabloid will get hold of this story. I do love my local press though, they're amazing at reporting a factual news item.

The pair were in their homes playing on their PlayStations and speaking on microphones over the internet, the court was told.
Bradford, who was in his own flat, was playing with them and controlling his own character on screen.

It's exactly how my Mum would explain it.

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Yeah but these newfangled computer game thingys always exacerbate mental health issues, especially if they are already psychopathic murderers.

If I called a stranger a cunt in the middle of town, I wouldn't complain if they then seeked to hit me.

The unwritten rules are if you were to verbally abuse someone, it's fair game for them to verbally abuse you back. Physically attacking you would overstep the line.

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Apparently there's some semi family acquaintance thing going on.

Bradford is thought to be a loosely-connected friend of the boy's family

Cos, you know, I can't remember the last time I played a game online with randoms, only to discover that they lived round the corner from me, and even while they were calling me "a fag" were happy to provide me with an address.

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From the DM comments section

The solution is simple. Capital Punishment for this person .... watch the Liberals scream "Human-Rights"

- James 001, West of Nowhere, 30/9/2011 8:45

Well I am for once, utterly and completely outraged. It takes an awful lot to offend me but I am so sick of these hateful and violent video games destroying lives. I have already lost 2 nephews and a cousin to Mario Kart, and my daughter is close to losing her boyfriend over this Fiva 12 game or whatever it's called. Ban them! Ban them all. Lets try to get away from this awful period of time this country is in where people are committing crimes over video games, influenced by the destruction they are seeing. Lets go back to a more peaceful time in history, like the 1940's, where video games were nowhere to be seen.

- Julia, Norfolk, 30/9/2011 9:27


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'If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games.'

Perhaps your 13 year old shouldn't be bought Call of Duty Black Ops.


Just to the right of the magistrates court is a really lovely restaurant called Tanners. To the left, there's an Irish pub that's quite horrible.

I love Plymouth :wub:

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