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Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

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This info apperently comes from a guy who saw a private demo at PAX Prime. As such, the info is not yet confirmed.

General Notes

Graphics AMAZING. Alpha build looked as good as finished WfC (Ed - War for Cybertron).

More varied settings. Organic-looking planetscape, battlefield of ancient HUGE Transformers - buildings actually decrepit limbs, torso, etc., Cybertron looking really worn down.

Daylight, not all just "deep dark space" backdrop.

Many, MANY more troops on screen at a time. Footage of Optimus in turret holding back hordes of genericons.

Some wide open battlefields as opposed to tight, littered spaces in WfC.

Far more customization in multiplayer: In addition to wider color spectrum, armor parts can be swapped out to change appearance (and possibly abilities and stats, was a point of the focus group) for both robot and vehicle mode.

Abilities matter more in Solo Campaign

Optimus and Megatron both completely overhauled- Optimus slowly evolving toward G1 look with shoulder smokestacks and more windshield-y chest (armored truck vehicle mode a bit like WWI Grimlock, silver stripes), Megatron just becoming sort of demonic. Megatron looks like WfC model with lots of spiky, Dark Energon infused armor (looks a little like Cybertron Megatron), more bulky than WfC version. Vehicle mode looks like silver, black, purple pseudo-clawed cannon tank from hell.

Solo Campaign Notes

Decepticons apparently overrunning Cybertron or whichever planet...

Jazz has own mission at one point, uses MTMTE wrist grappling hook to zip around like Spider-Man from tower to tower.

Jazz uses same model as from WfC multiplayer, more or less.

Shockwave figures into story significantly at least at start.

Grimlock and Dinobots messed with by Shockwave, which is why they already look like dinosaurs instead of vehicles. (Beast Machines looking, asked if look was okay, another point of focus group) Insecticons also a Shockwave experiment.

Grimlock's story starts with Starscream (who apparently has a Decepticon warrant on his head or something like that) accidentally freeing him from a large chamber. Looks like he's not on Cybertron, might be trying to hunt down Shockwave.

Grimlock PLAYABLE.

Grimlock has different play style than others- Almost all melee, using big sword and new matching laser shield. Transforms PAINFULLY from robot to T-Rex, kind of like Banner becoming Hulk, with fiery lighting coming from underneath metal panels as they shift, and changes slower than others.

T-Rex mode looks AWESOME. A lot like G2 version drawn by Yaniger, with two rows of spikes running along back. Uses modern T-Rex stance. Barb on tail, looks like diamond drillbit. Moves include firebreath, tailwhip, and capable of stomping and chomping guys. Also, bigger than most every Autobot.

"Last Prime" is the only one who can activate Metroplex. Prime racing to Metroplex core reminiscent of Tidal Wave exploration in Armada game. No info on reason for activation, except possibly to stomp incoming armies.

Metroplex HUGE, looks a lot like Studio OX depiction- not as different as other WfC overhauls.


All five Combaticons playable. Onslaught and Brawl a given, Vortex shown in Cybertron helicopter mode dodging lots of shots then dropping right into a group of Autobots and firing away. No Blast Off gameplay shown.

All five Combaticons FORM BRUTICUS. Combination quite awesome- All five jump out of Decepticon air carrier, Brawl and Swindle first, forming legs before they hit the ground, Onslaught lands on them as he forms torso, then Vortex and Blast-Off fly straight into the arm sockets one after another and head pops out. VERY awesome.

Bruticus PLAYABLE. Shown stomping through bridges and defenses to breach Autobot base.

In at least one mission, Prime can call down orbital strikes- may actually be delayed shots from Metroplex, hard to tell, but big explosion, very impressive.

Promo Art Shown

Optimus in front, Grimlock in T-Rex mode towering behind him to the right, with Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave coming out of a vortex sky on the left. Optimus always in revised body, Megatron in old one in these.

Same Decepticon backdrop with M, St, Sh, but with Prime on the right holding Bumblebee who has a big smoking hole in his chest and blacked out eyes.

Grimlock in T-Rex mode wrecking the hell out of an Insecticon hive thing from the inside, with a swarm of Bombshells, Shrapnels, and Kickbacks coming for him.

Just a big closeup of Optimus in new body staring at you.

One really stunning picture of the graveyard with unknown Transformer standing on a HUGE half-buried hand staring out on a field of other "buildings".

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I really hope this will be good as I enjoyed War for Cybertron, but (horrible cynic) that I am I always take these frothingly gushing impressions from shows with a pinch of salt. I don't know if its the atmosphere or what. I remember a guy on here who went to something like the Eurogamer Expo and came back declaring James Bond: Bloodstone to be mindblowingly amazing.

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Some more info from GI,

- 1-player action

- Multiplayer TBA

- Fall 2012 release

- Team went back to the drawing board and looked at every criticizm

- “We’ve taken some of the pieces from War for Cybertron that weren’t received well, and turned those into the strengths of the new game” – game director Matt Tiegerw

- Variety of experiences

- AI systems completely rewritten from the groun up

- Core shooting/action is completely new

- Last safe haven of Autobot City has been reached

- Plan to launch into space aboard the newly built Ark spacecraft is threatened

- Prime goes to the frontline with his rifle to help sturn the tide

- Optimus Prime is bulkier/more powerful than in War for Cybertron

- He has new arrmor, his transformation looks warlike and agressive

- Pauses to sometimes call down a fiery artillery strike to destroy a whole squad of enemies

- Eventually reaches a cyber cannon that takes down enemy tanks and dropships

- A strange summoning draws Prime away from the batttle and into the depths of the city

- He emerges into a glowing inner chamber

- Huge metal walls begin to shift outside

- Chasms open up in the ground, Decepticons tumble, screaming to their doom

- Skyscraper-sized robot rises to the tower

- He opens his hand (Prime looks tiny in his palm)

- “Metroplex heeds the call of the last Prime. Awaiting your orders.”

- Metroplex is a city that transforms into a big robot

- 2-3 times the size of Omega Supreme in War for Cybertron

- Team feels they’ve improved greatly on War for Cybertron’s story

- Game starts where War for Cybertron left off

- Not a sequel in the traditional sense

- Fresh jumping-on point for gamers

- Traces the final days of the Transformers on their home planet and their exodus into space

- Single unified campaign, not two separate stories

- Three-act structure

- Begins and ends with the Autobot-centric levels and with an extensive Decepticon-focused section in the middle

- Story about the death of Cybertron

- Broad array of characters and gameplay styles

- Each character feels different than the last

- Cliffjumper: stealth gameplay, cloak of invisibility

- Jazz: grappling hook gameplay, maneuver into place to snipe enemies

- Vortex: helicopter gameplay, head-on approach for enemies

- Vortex joins with his brothers later on to form Bruticus (playable)

- Grimlock stampedes his awy through a melee-driver frenzy of battle until his rage transforms him into the roaring robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex

- Co-op play dropped

- Individual enemy types are built to challenge certain characters, and they exhibit unique transformations that can telegraph their actions to observant players

- Most enemies are unique to their faction

- Enemies actively seek cover, track your movements across the map, pay attention to your last known location

- New weapon system

- Start out with a signature weapon for each character

- Trade out these weapons at any time

- Can carry a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, one piece of defensive equipment, one piece of offensive equipment, and grenades

- Meaningful upgrades

- Teletran terminals: part of a huge, planet-wide computer network used to upgrade your armory

- Each weapon has three major upgrades

- Dramatically increase damage, accuracy, clip size, etc.

- Buy a fourth upgrade if you unlock all three

- This upgrade is a special ability that expoentially expands the utility of the gun

- Switch between weapons in Teletran and you’ll see a display tracking damage, range, accuracy, rate of fire, ammo capacity

- Every weapon is surprising and distinct

- Megatron has a riot cannon (send out mini nuke at the end of every clip when upgraded)

- Optimum Prime’s Pathblaster: rifle, upgrade it to shoot through walls

- Gear Shredder: shoots spinning circular blades to dismember enemy robots, ricocheting off walls

- Scatter Blaster: automatic shotgun that lights enemies aflame

- Energon Harvester: less damage, but heals its user

- Tech Volt Emitter: continuous laser beam

- Upgrade the Emitter to automatically dissipate and destroy incoming rockets

- Sprinting/quick dash/dodge move for all characters

- Third-person camera set closer to the character

- No segmented health system

- More traditional recharging health meter

- Press a button to switch which side of the screen your character appears and their weapon changes hands

- “we repolished, demolished, and rebuilt anything that was holding back the moment-to-moment gameplay”

- Everything on screen pops more than it did in the last game

- Enemies and allies stand out more clearly against backgrounds

- Snow of soot and ash blanket the ground of the ruined city

- Venture into the Sea of Rust

- This area is filled with ancient ruins and the corpses of Cybertronians from a lost age

- Their bodies act as roads, ramps

- Rust storms blow across the desert

No scans yet, but I'll post them if/when I find them.


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It's like they've tried to copy the Gears of War trailers and not really understood that it's the fucking Transformers, so we needed Peter Cullen being all gravelly, whoever they got for Megatron being all grumpy and having Grimlock beat the living fuck out of Decepticons for a minute and half. Bumblebee won't fucking die, the little shit's indestructible.

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Music in that trailer = horrid.

As for the rest, meh, doesn't show anything more than we already knew. Need in-game stuff. Also Bumblebee dead? Fat chance as he's still alive in TF Prime (and this is supposed to be a prologue to that series). His voicebox will probably go kaput.

Then again, Hasbro's über-singularity storyline Aligned is already available in about four different flavours so another spin-off/split wouldn't be that surprising...

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