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Great ends to games


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Some games have really great endings such as Halo as you zoom through explosions and grunts in a warthog. Others like Dead or Alive 3 have terrible ends as you fight a boss from a stupid camera angle who has unblockable moves.

I could write a long post about the game that springs to my mind but i think a simple image will do it justice, every time i see it , im reminded at just how awesome it is.


What's yours?

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Some games have really great endings such as Halo as you zoom through explosions and grunts in a warthog.

At 3 frames per second. Hopefully the Anniversary edition will fix that :lol:

There are lots of favourites, but one of the best must surely be the ending of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. After spending pretty much the entire game stealthing around in the shadows, nursing the scarce guns/ammo you got, you're now in a mech tearing up the place.

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I always thought the original Mafia game on PC had a great ending and left a lasting impression. Its one of the few games like Half-life that made the story a major part of the game. I will have to get around to finishing Mafia 2 one of these days.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4 - best endings I've come across in recent times.

Not alot springs to mind otherwise.

So I guess you didn't watch after the credits of MGS4? The ending is properly horrible.

I really love the endings of both Team Ico games. The final moments of both games are the highlight moments.

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Old school-ish I SNES;

Super Mario World - a brilliant, brilliant ending, music, enemy run down, the lot.

Link to the Past - same! Music and fly thoughs seeing everyone. Quite emotional seeing the flute boy and the little kid now well and using his net again.

Secret of Mana - Sprite has to leave! Really quite sad I felt, he was just gone. Such a cheeky, fun character too...

All wonderful, and worth completing again just to see :)

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The ending to Shadows of the Damned was the first game in years that left me wanting more adventures with Hotspur and co. Great ending

Yes! I did that this week and thought exactly the same. Aside from that Blood Money and Sands of Time are the only two I can actually remember.

Also I liked when games used to thank you for playing.

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I consider the entirety of Disc 4 as one elongated interactive ending/epilogue. I'm getting tingles just thinking of the music swelling to that final crescendo,

From a distant land in the East, from across the sea, he shall appear.

He does not know of the strangth hidden within him.

The strength that would destroy him.

The strangth that would fulfill his wishes.

When he is ready he shall seek me out.

And we shall brave together the rocky path.

I shall wait...

This encounter has been my destiny since ancient times.

A Dragon shall emerge from the Earth, and dark clouds shall obscure the heavens.

A Phoenix shall descend from above, with its wings will create a purple wind.

In the midst of the pitch-black night, a morning star shall glisten, alone....

Sega you bastards!

Really? I thought the ending to part 2 was well overdone. The ending to the first one though....now that was amazing. I even kind of got misty eyed saying goodbye to Tom, who was silly at first but I've known people who I actually didnt give as much of a toss about saying goodbye too. The ending to shenmue 1 was handled perfectly...the second not so much. In my opinion of course.

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Second Sight. The twist totally floored me at the time. Nice bit at the end as well, were one of the characters is talking to John Vattic (the protagonist) in a helicopter, but you can't hear the words, and Vattic kind of looks away. Seemed oddly sad.

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