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Great ends to games


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There's something about the ending of Zelda OoT that after doing all that adventure and the people you meet, especially Zelda herself, that once everything is fixed, she herself doesn't remember you and what you've done. That's how i saw it in my head, anyway.

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Besides a couple of the ones already mentioned (like Uncharted 2) there have been a few I liked (inFAMOUS 2's Good Ending (not seen the bad) was a recent one I really liked) but the first one that normally pops into my head is Darksiders.

It wasn't a perfect game, it was derivative, and it flew a little under the radar, but I found it to be a genuinely enjoyable experience, not least because of the ending. There's some great stuff in there, with a good sense of closure despite what's being left open, and some great badassery and comeuppance being satisfyingly distributed, but the highlight is the very end - a kiss-off/cliffhanger so good it wouldn't have even mattered if there wasn't a sequel (though I'm happy there will be) and a final three words and shot that caused me to break out in a huge grin...

For those who want to watch but haven't played the game...

The cheery guy with the ridiculous proportions is War, one of the Four Horseman. He was set up by 'The Council', made to come forth before the seals (one of which you see in the video) that are supposed to summon him and his brothers were broken, blamed for the apocalypse, then basically tricked into cleaning house for them, as only one of the Horsemen would be able to take out The Destroyer (formerly Abaddon, killed and then resurrected after accepting a deal to rule Hell and guard the seventh seal). The flying Raziel lookalike is The Watcher, who has been accompanying him and had power over him thanks to The Council, and the other angel, Uriel, is the former love interest of Abaddon, who has blamed War for his death and the apocalypse that followed throughout the game, despite being spared herself by War after a earlier duel to the death, and sworn to kill him...

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Just Cause 2

It's just so ludicrous. You've just prevented thermonuclear war. What to do now? Have a barbeque with spit-roast of course!


The whole barn area was just superb, the final battle all kinds of fucked up and then you get the roadside reveal and the toilet part. So understated and grounded. Played in the dark with the window open on a winters night back in 2005 with a cool breeze coming through the window. One of the best ending ever. Why oh why did monolith fuck up Condemned 2's story so much, massive gaming shame.

Silent Hill 2

Still the most chilling reveal, a complete betrayal of the character you've just spent the last 10 hours or so with. Superbly handled. Nothing before or since has come close.

Shenmue 2

Not so much the 4th disc, but the end of the 3rd disc on the rooftop is still probably the most epic ending to any RPG I've ever played. I've never wanted to injure another video game character so bad and when you land those final moves - it's the same feeling when you watch classic 80's action ,the John Matrix 'BULLSHIT' moment where you 10 hit your adversary into oblivion whooping and cheering away.

Gears of War

Say what you want about the final boss but I still think the final act on-board the train is the best act in the entire gears saga, and the last minute GET TO THE CHOPPA! moment the best thing about it.

Alan Wake

You can't sum it up with a few words on a videogame forum as it is entirely open to interpretation. I though about it for days later and how many games can you say that about? Along with both Max Payne games, Remedy sure know how to make a strong ending to their titles. If Alan Wake does a Shenmue and stops I will be so dissapointed.

Sonic 3

For the credits music alone, like nothing else in the game and all the better for it. S3 + K true ending with the doomsday zome blew my 10 year old mind at the time, class.

Deadly Premonition

The last couple of house are all kind of fucked up but the revelation with the main character was wonderfully done and made everything that had come before all worthwhile. A brilliant story locked in a terrible game.

Resident Evil 2

The best of the series, the countdown, train station battle, tyrant reveal, awesome ending music...at the time, when Leon says 'now lets get Umbrella' left me so pumped. Shame it only happened in a cut scene...oh well...good job Resi 4 was the cats pyjamas.

Mass Effect 1

Bloody fantastic stuff, the last boss is a bit weak but the cutscenes, OMG!

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I played Planescape Torment for the first time at the beginning of the year and thought it had a very powerful ending which made up for a somewhat weak last third of the game: (story spoilerzzz)

Meeting and fooling the vile and wonderful past incarnations of yourself and then facing down the ultimate monster, which turned out to be your own mortality, with nothing but talk as your weapon if you so fancied was fantastic in the way that only RPG endings can be. What topped it for me though was the final cutscene, in it you accept death and with that knowingly consign yourself to an endless war in the afterlife to atone for your sins. A little grim maybe, but a great tale of redemption.

What can change the nature of a man?

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To add to the Persona 3 love, I thought the final visit to the Velvet Room was quite sweet.

hearing the voices of all the people you'd completed social links for - it adds a nice personal touch since these are the people you chose to befriend over the course of the game, and now they're rooting for you. :wub:

I think P4 did something similar for the final final boss too. I'm a sucker for things like that.

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Lately games that i've enjoyed the endings of include Dragon Quest VIII - Cursed King on the PS2.

It was the extended action based ending where you continued to control and progress a short element of story before the wedding of the princess with that little brat I forgot the name of. Later things all change as you save the day and your main character gets the princess. In addition, this then opened up the opportunity to go to another hidden village after completion to take part in further story line which would then reveal more about the past history of the main character's parents and who they were, along with the lead up to the dragon trials.

Some might not agree with this next one but I did seem to enjoy the final moments of FFX as I just got round to playing it in the last few months for the first time and has been the first FF title for me in the main series since 9 on the PS1 10 years prior to this.

When you have built up a relationship with the characters and story over 150 hours of play, the ending has more of an emotional impact when the main character turns out to be but a dream, never existing outside the imaginations of the sleeping fayths, materialised only to end the long sleep and end the cycle of Sin for the last time.

The last boss itself was pretty cool too when Jecht emergest from the depths of the fire as a huge devil type demonic character.

And finally, Obscure 2, which technically I haven't yet finished but there is a nice twist to the ending, the likes of which i'd never seen done this way in a game.

After visciouly going head to head with the chainsaw massacre esque freak with your own chainsaw, if successful you take him down. Credits follow and it feels like you have accomplished a nice little survival horror with a short but interesting way to end the game. It didn't feel too special only the twist to find out you are fighting the head teacher from the first game all over again, and his deformed son underneath the same school.

It picks up though completely when after the credits are done, a sudden twist in the storyline tears appart everything and puts you back in pannick mode as you are running for your life with no weapons or items trying to stay alive and find your kidnapped friends. Now that's the shit I'm talking about

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Manhunt, with its masterful use of a kind of anti-bossfight. Revenge on Starkweather doesn't mean a huge boss battle and a screen-filling health bar. It means murdering a defenceless, terrified man in a bad shirt.

That was brilliant. You just...

run in with your chainsaw, let him fire a few shots, maybe listen to him trying to talk his way out of the situation, and then just stroll up and slice his gut open.

After finishing Manhunt, I remember reading a review of it, I think in the official Playstation magazine. I think they were pissed off that they hadn't got an exclusive review or something, because it just did nothing but detail the entire plot. There was even a box that gave a blow by blow screenshot account of the final boss fight.

If I was Rockstar, I would've sued.

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I consider the entirety of Disc 4 as one elongated interactive ending/epilogue. I'm getting tingles just thinking of the music swelling to that final crescendo,

From a distant land in the East, from across the sea, he shall appear.

He does not know of the strangth hidden within him.

The strength that would destroy him.

The strangth that would fulfill his wishes.

When he is ready he shall seek me out.

And we shall brave together the rocky path.

I shall wait...

This encounter has been my destiny since ancient times.

A Dragon shall emerge from the Earth, and dark clouds shall obscure the heavens.

A Phoenix shall descend from above, with its wings will create a purple wind.

In the midst of the pitch-black night, a morning star shall glisten, alone....

Sega you bastards!

I think the ending to disc 3 was much much much much much better than the whole mystical shit they introduced on disc 4 (though I did quite like that). Kind of like if Hagrid popped up at the end of the Indiana Jones credits and said "You're a wizard, Indy."

Seeing Lan Di on the helicopter rope ladder was a heart in mouth moment. Epic.

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I think the ending to disc 3 was much much much much much better than the whole mystical shit they introduced on disc 4 (though I did quite like that). Kind of like if Hagrid popped up at the end of the Indiana Jones credits and said "You're a wizard, Indy."

Seeing Lan Di on the helicopter rope ladder was a heart in mouth moment. Epic.

Christmas is coming and that can only mean a play through of Shenmue 1 - Hopefully I will actually get round to finishing 2 as well this time :wub:

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Nier - the multiple playthroughs add more and more to the various endings and ending D is a fitting end to one of my favourite games ever.

Nier's great, I might re-buy it and go through it again. I'm trying to remember Okami's ending but it eludes me, which is a good excuse to play through a fucking excellent game again. :)

This might be an odd choice but I'll say Deadly Premonition's could have been on the list too, if it were for just one thing:

At the end you get to choose suicide over the other options. And you go through with it, but it just reloads the game at the checkpoint before when it's done. If it was a permanent game-ender then I'd call it a great ending just for doing something no game (that I know of) has done before.

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Look at the time and score... someone hacked Sonic 2 (and 1?) to add a boss rush mode? :omg:

Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4 - best endings I've come across in recent times.

MGS3's wonderful. From the moment Snake gets caught planting the explosives you've got a long series of action sequences, any one of which could be the climax. You're expecting the end to come at any time - but no, instead these bits just go on and on and on, and for the most part just build and build and build. It's fantastic. :wub:

- Volgin boss fight. "Okay," you think, "we're coming up to the end now..."

- Bike escape!

- Shooting the bridge explosives

- ...but Volgin's survived and you've got to fight him on the Shagohod!

- More bike chasing

- Now a break: EVA gets injured and you've got to escort her :(

- The Boss boss fight!

- The killing gunshot...

- Oh crap, Ocelot's back again!

- Russian roulette...

- 15 minute end sequence with a few hidden R1 moments...

- Credits

- Ocelot phone call

- Dun dun DUUUUN!

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I adore these kind of scenes, bringing back all the major (and supporting) characters for one last rallying cry of support, god it psyched me up for the final battle. :D

However, in recent years, only one game can make the claim of Greatest Ending:


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I love the God Hand end song. It's so ludicrous and excellent. I also quite liked the Zombie On My Lawn song from the Plants Vs Zombies end.

I really, really adored the last disc of Shen Mue 2. I was gripped the who way, fascinated in what that girl had to say to me and the calm of the whole scene. It wasn't until I finished it that I realised I hadn't done anything but walk and at one point pick up a few sticks. The setting was so tranquil compared to the chaos Ryo had just come from as well, which added to it.

Also I like watching the Shen Mue The Movie disc that came with Shen Mue 2 on xbox as it's hilariously and completely awful. Such a terrible, slow, clumsy game. :wub:

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2 endings totally stick out for me. They have been mentioned already but I wanted to emphasise just how immensely satisfying and memorable they were for me -

MGS3 Snake Eater - A thrilling collection of set pieces with any one of them fit to be the finale of a game in its own right. But for me it is the emotion of The Boss fight. A culmination of everything the game has thrown at you boils down to this confrontation and for the first time ever I found it hard to play because of how I FELT!! Not only is the fight itself ridiculously intricate with the CQC at its peak but the constant dialogue just adds so much to it. I remember closing my eyes as I pulled the trigger, truly sad at what had just happened. And if that wasn’t enough you get the revelation that The Boss was the most patriotic, bad ass, muther fucker who ever lived and basically wanted you to be the one to kill her. It was all too much but fuck me if it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Red Dead Redemption - Same reasons as above in terms of emotion. The game does something very rarely seen and mostly frowned upon by a lot of people as it approaches the end. Returning home to your family you get an absolutely beautiful piece of music playing as John Marston canters home, sun setting and all his troubles behind him. Ending there would have been enough but instead the game slows the pace right down as he returns to a normal life. I thought this little touch was absolute genius as games tend to ramp everything up toward the end and sometimes lose sight of the narrative in doing so. But here RDR massages the story and draws you in even further. We get to know the reformed John, settle with the family and eventually stand up for everything you believe in to save the ones you love. Wonderful stuff!! Of course, the true finale of riding on as your son Jack to hunt down the man that killed your father is, for me, the most touching and satisfying thing I have ever seen in a game. A true masterpiece.

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