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So.............playing endless laps of GT sport has got me thinking, what to do next? this is all fueled by the fact I went to speak to a racing friend of mine about a remap on my mini, who then proceeded to show me his class 1 powerboat, complete with supercharged V8. I'd considered that maybe I should have a go at a bit of trials riding, as I could set up a fair obstacle course in my back garden. Mrs M said she wanted a rockery and it could be made suitable :eyebrows:


Now I'm thinking that I should just get the quad bike built and ready to race instead of fannying about with that. Karting still appeals but being in Cornwall it would involve the same amount of driving to tracks for probably less track time than enduro's on the quad. Anyone got any plans when this nonsense is over?

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It's the uneccessary load it can put on the health service I guess. I reckon I think too much about what to do rather than just doing it. The powerboat racer went from doing rally raids on his quad bike to having a 40ft class one 110mph speedboat in his garage. I got talking to him in the car park about a GMC semi monster truck he had in for MOT 'Oh I had one of those a few years ago' :blink: 


That and the alfa 155 he's fitting out with a maserati v8, he's a busy and knowledgable chap.


So yeah, old fart kickstart here we come.

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Since we're bumping the thread I did the Silverstone single seater thing and you can get video, so here's my fastest lap, which scored me 3rd behind the two who'd done it before (one of which is the guy in front I murder in the twisty section, I lost it all on not quite being on the brakes).




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