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Splinter Cell 2 - Online Mode


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This from Gamespot:

...the multiplayer mode, called mercenary versus spy, features a unique twist. Pandora Tomorrow's story will allude to the fact that there are other NSA operatives in the field, so the game's multiplayer mode will let you play as one of these operatives. Generally speaking, the mode will charge spies with infiltrating mercenary bases to steal information from a computer. Mercenaries, on the other hand, want to try to prevent spies from doing so. While the operative you'll play as will handle like Sam, there's one notable omission: All your gadgets and weapons will be of the nonlethal variety. This is a bit of a problem, as the aforementioned mercenaries are armed to the teeth with a lethal assortment of weapons and tools, such as motion trackers, mines, and an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector that can be used to sniff out spies. For instance, the motion trackers will direct mercs to a moving spy, and the EMF will work like a variation of the standard vision modes and tracks spies via the electric fields given off by their gadgets.

Before you vow to only play as a merc in the mode, consider that the mercenaries have their own twist/handicap: a first-person mode. Whereas spies have standard third-person views that let them get good looks at their surroundings, the mercenaries have their own views, which are restricted to those of the first-person type (much like any other PC FPS). It's an interesting dynamic that, along with the constraints put on the spies, helps form a unique system of checks and balances. As you'd expect, the Ubi Annecy team is working to ensure that the multiplayer mode is as balanced as possible. One of the key choices the studio has made so far is to limit the number of players. While players will be able to choose any combination of spies and mercs for the mode, the maximum number of players will be four. According to reps from the team, the four-player limit has been imposed to maintain the tension that is key to the Splinter Cell experience. Maintaining tension is also the reasoning behind the size of the levels in multiplayer as well. Rather than create massive levels that were suited for many players, the team has opted to create good-sized levels that are expansive but tight enough to ensure that mercs and spies won't lose each other. There are also some subtle, but cool, touches that bring tension from a whole new angle. Much like how Sam can get behind an enemy and grab him or her as a hostage, spies will be able to nab mercenaries and can use them as human shields--or they can just humiliate them. When this happens in the game, the merc will be at his captor's mercy until he's released. The best part of this is that when the two players are locked together, they'll be able to communicate via the PlayStation 2's USB headset or the Xbox Live communicator, which seriously bumps up the humiliation factor. While the multiplayer mode is a unique way to bring Splinter Cell online, it will actually have ties to Sam's adventure. Despite being a separate mode from the single-player game, the multiplayer mode will flesh out Pandora Tomorrow's story by offering supplemental info.

Just imagine it, getting someone in an armlock and being able to communicate with them....and entirely at your mercy. Bwah ha ha!

This sounds something a bit different for Online play. Could be a winner.

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