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[Xbox360] F1 2011 Open Races



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When selecting the tracks, just select 'Add Season' (comes before Australia), then delete:



Turkey (?)


Hungary (?)




Abu Dhabi (3 lappers have no day night cycle, so it's a boring one)

you can also change the weather for each race there, so I recommend Heavy Rain in Canada and Monaco :)

And Hungary feels like a track suited to sprint, but people may find it boring.

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Lewis has never had it so good! :)

Great last dash to the finish at Melbourne with Harns, 3 thousandths! :omg:

The home straight in Brazil was epic, I got to witness Picasso overtake Harns with the DRS right at the line, then LeChuck did exactly the same with john!

Was really fun, shame we couldn't have more with us :angry:

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Me too :)

Yeah was some great finishes.. and nice to get a chance to race people even for a few laps, had at least one good battle with everyone I think, and the win at Spa was a nice surprise. Last by 1 point though... damn you LeChuck!

Congrats to Cass! Current sprint race champion.

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  • 1 month later...

As discussed in the main thread, we and Eurogamer are getting together for the first cross-forum RACE OF CHAMPIONS event, hopefully the first of many. But before we get racing, we need to decide on a few things. Here's what I came up with:

Rules and regulations:

  • ??? start time
  • 8 teams of 2 drivers each - 1 from each forum decided by championship positions*
  • 15 minute qualy session and 50% race distance
  • Safety car ON
  • Equal Cars
  • Dynamic Weather. Fuel, tyres, damage on full simulation
  • Reduced rules and flags
  • Assists allowed

Based on the standings from both leagues, this is the preliminary team sheet:

Red Bull: Corstick + LeChuck

McLaren: Myoozikk* + shamblemonkee

Ferrari: Scoobie + Marmite

Mercedes: Casserole + duff

Renault: RangerEG + Harns

Force India: Picasso + KoS

Sauber: superdelph + mexos

Williams: Meerman + barryrs

*I've swapped myoozikk with LeChuck even though he won the title, he's rather attached with the car and I don't think LeChuck will mind.

Obviously this is all open to change, so if people don't want to/can't take part and others further down the standings want to compete we can sort something out.

And we still haven't decided on quite a few things...race type/duration, the track and the time and date. Hopefully some of you will throw in a few suggestions to the ones already discussed and then we'll have a vote. So far:

- 100% Abu Dhabi (for the day/night transition), 15 min qualy

- Sprint race championship - a selection of favourites (around 10 tracks - should take us roughly an hour to complete), random grid order.

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Hmmm, why not? It'll make identifying team mates easier too. Every 'odd' team (RB, Ferrari etc.) is EG, and McLaren, Mercedes is rllmuk... from there we can decide by ourselves on the day which seat to get.

btw if this goes ahead, I was hoping that you would host... dodgy upload speed + half broken mic = crap host :)

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I was hoping that you would host...

Sure, unless someone else has a faster connection than mine of course [80/8].

I'm not fussed about sprints either. Let's do a 100% Abu Dhabi. That way we'll see that sunset for once.

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One of the community managers at Eurogamer has mentioned something about offering a Codemasters prize for this, by the way!

I was totally thinking the other day - at the end of each season we should gather the top five people from here, the top 5 from Eurogamer and the top 5 from the 'GAF, add Steve Hood in the extra seat and have a mega Race of Champions. Maybe we could convince him to throw in a prize or two each time :eyebrows:

Would make a pretty awesome one-off. Pretty sure Codies would pimp it a bit, plus it'd give all our leagues a bit of added incentive to get in the Top 5 alongside getting team picks.

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Awesome stuff Myoozikk :).

I guess something he'd think might make a cool prize for the race winner, plus a couple of other slightly-less-cool prizes for second and third or something :eyebrows:

Then we can go to the GAF and also chat with the Eurogamer folks about it all, sort out arranging a day and time, hopefully get Steve involved and off you all go!

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Found it!

Think they lump all their stuff in that one thread - probably best to emphasise that we're after their top 5 Xbox 360 players!

EDIT: if we can all get this thing to actually happen it'd be great for a number of reasons.

a) F1 games are always much better online amongst good players who like the sport. By mixing with different forums' leagues we'll hopefully get a few more friends to zoom around against on F1 2011 and beyond in between our own forum's league races.

b) It'd be a nice event with a sense of occasion. A genuine 'Race of Champions' between three pretty big game forums with the developer's involvement. I don't really think that's been done before for any game. We're pioneers :ph34r:

c) It'll add a nice little bonus to our own leagues if people can earn a spot in a one-off race to get some kind of prize, or even just acknowledgement as a cross-forum champion.

It's all good, generally speaking! Perhaps if we do the first one and it's a success then we can have one every year or something.

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I've emailed Andy at Codies about this. I've not really asked for anything specific. If they have something they could suggest for prizes great, if not the whole thing is for fun rather than anything else. I've also asked if they have any feedback about doing an event like this. They might have a way to host a server or something like that, who knows.

Either way it should be great fun.

We should also start figuring out possible dates for this!

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Just found a letter from my ISP on the doormat as well - 1st quarter of 2012 will see a broadband speed upgrade to 100/10 for me (theoretically). :omg:

I'm of course willing to share my fat pipe for this. Good work, Andy. :)

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Wow, excellent stuff myoozikk. Let's just go along with the uber race of champions idea :)

For potential dates we should be rather hasty with this, Christmas is coming up fast and many of us will likely have things to do. Of course after that the new season starts for all of us. So potential days being next week Tuesday 13th (possibly too early to get the NeoGAF dudes involved), Sat/Sunday 17/18th, or Tuesday 20th?

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