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6 Double Fine Products announced - Post #51

The Sarge

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any further news?

Nope, the announcements are embargoed apparently. We might hear more next week, there's talk of them announcing a game a day/week but it's only baseless talk at the moment.

I'll try to update the OP/title as soon as possible if/when they announce a new title.


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Unconfirmed, but someone posted the following list on GAF.(who in turn got them from Bombcast)

Psychonauts for Mac/steamworks update

Psychonauts Vault Viewer for iOS

Happy Action Theatre

Iron Brigade Challenge Mode/Title update/name change

Iron Brigade DLC

Costume Quest PC


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Listening to the Bombcast, they do a good job of selling the idea of Happy Action Theatre.

It's described as the kind of thing you can have on in the background in a party and people can join in or not, you don't need to sign in to play.

"We made this for little kids and drunk people".

EDIT: Also, the Psychonauts app came out a few weeks ago so I'd be surprised if that was one of the 6 "big announcements".

Or maybe not "surprised" - maybe more "disappointed" :(

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Schafer speaks,

Hi guys!

I just wanted to step in here and clarify some stuff.

Our invite to the press event said we’d be showing six amazing things, and multiple new announcements. Not six new announcements. Sorry for any misunderstanding!

Double Fine has so many irons in the fire right now, it feels like we’re announcing or shipping a game or dlc pack every other week. Sometimes two in one week! Which is great, but we get behind in our news sometimes. So to catch up with our friends in the press we wanted to show a collection of what we’ve released recently and what we were about to announce. Six things, total: Three “old” (by a week or so), and three new.

The three things that we had just released were:

1. Psychonauts Mac

2. Psychonauts Vault Viewer

3. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

The three brand new things we announced were:

4. Costume Quest PC

5. Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear

6. Double Fine Happy Action Theater

Those are the six amazing things!

Not Psychonauts 2. We are not currently working on Psychonauts 2. Let me tell you, we would LOVE to work on Psychonauts 2, but games cost money and we, so far, have not been able to convince a publisher to invest millions of dollars in making a sequel to Psychonauts. Even though it would obviously be the greatest sequel of all time and sell much more than the first time and probably bring about peace on Earth for at least ten hours. We have not given up on the quest to return to Raz’s world but it hasn’t happened yet. You’re welcome to keep asking for it but the people who are getting all riled up and angry about it need to c a l m t h e f d o w n because we are doing the best we can.

Also, not Brütal Legend 2, for the same reason.

Not Brütal Legend PC, because we’d have to re-negotiate and pay for 108 separate music licensing contracts to add the platform. Not impossible, but expensive. See previous discussion about money. (Actually 107, because I think I could get Kabbage Boy to do it for free. They’re pretty desperate.)

So because we don’t have a publisher who wants to fund Psychonauts 2 or Brütal Legend 2, should we just sit here and cry until we go out of business? No, we make up new ideas and sign the games we can can sign with the publishers who like us, and self-publish what we can afford to self-publish.

And luckily that works out because these new games are also awesome.

And if we ever get to a point where our press releases stop surprising, frustrating, or confounding even the people who love us, that’s how you’ll know when we’ve actually stopped trying. smile

Thanks for playing,




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