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Dinosaur Pile Up

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I fucking love Dinosaur Pile Up.

I heard them for the first time in August and can't stop listening to them. Mix up some Nirvana, Ash, Foo Fighters and Silverchair for good measure and you have got these guys... an unashamedly 90's style grunge throwback who are like crack for nostalgic rock lovers like myself. I'm absolutely shit at trying to excrete music reviews so I'll just post some embedded youtube vids instead and shut my big fat mouth.

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Traynor's my favourite from the album, great song. I do wish the singer Matt Bigland kept Mother Vulpine together though

The bassist is Tom Hudson who now fronts Pulled Apart by Horses. I like both bands a lot, but Mother Vulpine really had a great sound. A shame they never recorded at least one album proper.

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