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TOP 10 rare/most valuable 32bit games in existence

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Panzer Dragoon Sega still remains as one of the best games ever created. It was miles ahead of all the other Role Playing Games including Final Fantasy VII.

The storyline and gameplay were much deeper and masculine.

Masculine? Riggghhtt...

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I got a few jems today, Dark Savior, Mystaria (sat) and Turtles Hyperstone Heist (MD)

These are prefect titles to show the "value" system at work

6 or so copies of Dark Savior finishing between £20 & £30

5 or so copies of Mystaria finishing between £10 and £30


Hyperstone Heist while finish in in recent months between £5 and £15 theres one at £24 with 5 days left, whats that all about eh?

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