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So, PGR, cat and mouse. It's kinda fun. Kinda. I'm not too sure. It has it's moments, but... I don't know. I like racing more. Much more. Nothing like nailing a corner, drafting the person in front then nipping through the inside to take them on the line... Or the tension of being in first coming up to the last few corners... I love PGR online. It's fucking great. But I want to race, I think. Cat and mouse just feels... Oddly pointless...

Meh, what do I know?

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I know exactly what you mean.

I dont mind the odd game every now and then but I'd much rather just race.

Maybe we're just too good and people want to play cat & mouse so they can win occasionally. :(

I am the Cat & Mouse king and you lot are my bitches, and don't you forget it. :ph34r:

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