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Does anyone wish that coverdiscs...


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You know the ones I mean. Years ago, coverdiscs would occassionally come with a special one or two level 'demo' which contained an exclusive level made with the engine of a commercial game.

Like the original Christmas Lemmings or Cannon Soccer (anyone remember that? A Christmas Cannon Fodder mini-game set on the Sensible Soccer pitch) or the Easter version of Fast Food Dizzy. There were tons more that I just can't remember.

Surely something like this would boost the magazine sales considerably and wouldn't be all that expensive to produce as the engine already exists and art work changes would be minimal.

Imagine a special Christmas game based on Mario Sunshine where you run around a snow-covered Delphino Plaza collecting presents or something... Or a santa hat wearing Link in an exclusive Zelda mini-dungeon... Or a special 5 level Easter Super Monkey Ball... Or Billy Hatcher...

The possibilities are endless...

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i remember the xmas fire and ice. It was pretty cool. The game was "xmassy" to start with, but they added a santa costume to the main character and you collected xmas presents and stuff.

I remember that. That game was too bloody hard though.

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There was a Christmas version of Toy Commander (DC) on a coverdisk of ODM a few years back. Yes, it was only one level, but it made a difference.

I was going to bring this up, that was a great demo. Didn't they do another special one too? I'm not sure why I never bought the full game, collecting those presents and putting them under the tree was more fun than it should be.

I was on PSO the other day, and it was nice to see they'd made some seasonal changes, Christmas trees in the lobby, "Merry Xmas" messages on Pioneer 2 etc. I don't even like Christmas, but it's a nice touch.

Does anyone else remember Ready 2 Rumble on the DC, if you played it on Christmas day there were trees in the background or something. I believe they also put skeletons in the audience for Halloween too.

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