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That "new console" evening


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The South Park episode "Towelie" is on TV tonight, which starts off with the boys getting a brand new videogame console, spending the walk home working out how many hours they have to play if they stay up all night before school on Monday.

I think most of us here will have been there at some point. It made me think - I miss the "new console" launch fever. I got my 360 and PS3 long after their launches, so the last time I had this was for the GameCube, and before that, the Dreamcast (to a lesser extent, the launch of Xbox Live too which was a bit like a console launch). There's something about getting your mates over, sticking on the newest Tekken/Ridge Racer/Mario/Sonic etc.

The Xbox 360 will be 6 years old in 10 days, with the 360 and PS3 also getting older. However, with everything else currently going on (Google and Apple TV, iOS, stuff like OnLive) as well as rising development costs meaning that more powerful consoles doesn't necessarily mean a huge leap forward in how games look...

I'm unsure of when this will next happen, or what form it will take. What do we want, and what are we expecting from the PS4, Xbox 720, and the WiiU?

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What are we expecting from the PS4, Xbox 720...?

They'll have better graphics, but the only games you'll be able to buy for them are games in which you have to shoot at burly men with other burly men while uttering various catchphrases.


Xbox 720 will be called Xbox V (for visceral.)

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If the console business wasn't run by terrified mediocrities, we wouldn't be seeing another console hardware generation at all.

As it is, I expect we will see client boxes for MS and Sony's network services teased next E3.

They'll be the same old tech bolted to a million pointless and mutually-incompatible control gizmos, just like the Kinect, WiiU and Vita.

Hardware manufacturers this gen couldn't agree on an 'unofficial' standard for motion control (while even archrivals EA and Activision managed to make their music games cross compatible), still block cross-platform multiplayer, and have completely ignored the shift in how people use the web. I don't think publishers are going to put up with this indefinitely.

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I'm not sure i care for anything other then 60fps @ 1080p.

The results for Forza could be pretty amazing. iRacing on PC now manages 40+ online fields, imagine if we could do that with the historic series, even at 16 we're turning people away from full time rides.

Hell, imagine someone finally being able to do a LeMans game properly. The next gen could totally have a full 56 car field, over 4 classes.

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