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DjSacks weekly appreciation thread:Streets of Rage

DJ Sack

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'The special move used up some of your life energy' - nah, you had tokens, like Revenge of Shinobi. But hey, it's been twelve years(!!!1), easy to forget little things like that.

In SoR you had tokens and the special attack involved cops and RPGs.

In SoR2/3 you had nice special attacks which depleted your life energy a little in exchange for (if used properly) enemy devastation.

Yeah, Sack mentioned it under the heading for SOR1 though. </nitpicking> :o

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Streets of Rage 2 is one of my favorite games ever. It was fantastic. and yes the music enchanced the game so much. Fantastic tunes. Me and my mates played on this for many many days (in a row even). Sure we beat it everytime, but we loved it so much.

The original streets of rage on the otherhand = meh. It was alright, but it was no way as good as SOR2.

Streets of Rage 3, i only played a couple of times. The music was very average and i couldnt really be bothered to play it.. just didnt seem as good.

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The tune from the first level of Streets of Rage is probably the best piece of music I've ever heard in a game. It fucking rocks- I really wish some enterprising dance music producer would do a cover with really high quality instruments, so that non-geeks can witness the power.

Okay then. :o I'll start today and if I make good progress i'll present it to my old record label.

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I remember enjoying SoR2 a lot more than the original. SoR2 just had something special about it. Whether it was because it was the first game in the series for me or not, I don't know, but I remember being slightly underwhelmed by SoR1. I got to the final boss on my own, but I died, and I could never be bothered to go back through it. SoR2 I just played it over and over and over again.

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Another innocent game...until you play it.

What does that actually mean?

Well its one of them games i doubt many people though much about till they actually played it, it wasnt anticipated like MGS2 or anything like that.

Or maybe im writting giberish.

Yes, I think so (seeing as you seemingly know nothin about these games)

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