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NeoGeo MVS Multi-Carts


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My 138-in-1 daughter board blew up this weekend, so I need to order a replacement. Figured I might as well see if anybody else wants a multi-cart ordering in from my Hong Kong supplier. I've done this before for some fellas on here (but I can't for the life of me find the thread). The supplier offers most multi-carts. The latest 161-in-1 and the 138-in-1 are likely to run at about £80 each after I've sent them on, which probably isn't a huge saving over more readily-available suppliers, but I guess it saves you the effort/risk. The 138 has the most legit games, but uses a shitty daughterboard for the frontend that needs connecting on the Jamma edge of your MVS board (which then passes through another jamma connector). The 161 has fewer legit games, but loads up a lot quicker and doesn't require the extra PCB. If anyone's interested, let me know before the weekend is through, please.

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I doubt the overall architecture has changed, although the 138 is seemingly made differently. I never really noticed many slowdown issues, though, even with my old 108. I think Shock Troopers has always had its issues on every multi-cart (admittedly pretty bad slowdown), and the metal slugs sometimes get slightly slower when the screen gets busy. I got the impression the metal slug slowdown was resident in the originals, though.

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We also just put in an order on another forum for 161-in-1 multicards and that came to 70 euros per cart (incl. shipping).

That's a lot cheaper than I can get them. I wonder if that's more down to the volume, though. Do you know how many were ordered?

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47 minutes ago, Jazz Glands said:

I just ordered the Neo SD from Terraonion. Hefty outlay, but looks good 

actually from them? Not a 2nd hand one?




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18 minutes ago, Tomdominer said:

Well, doing my own limited research, it seems that the only other alternative is the Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart, which seems to be better in terms of loading performance, but has been sold out for over a year, with no real confirmation that they will ever make more.

I had a Darksoft cart (long since sold), it was perfect. Shame if they're not making any more, but even before the parts shortage it was only ever a very niche, expensive product. And they were constantly having to deal with bullshit from TO.

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Darksoft stuff is definitely smaller volume I think, more multi-cart solutions for arcade boards rather than home consoles.


Alex from TO went around forums slagging them off too.


I boycott a lot of companies and like to think I'd find it easy to let a Neo Geo sit there without a proper flashcart, but honestly don't know.

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Posted (edited)
On 30/04/2022 at 15:50, SeanR said:

I just ordered the “new” 32-in-one. It’s got a couple of games not listed on other carts, and seems to have a menu, but also uses dip switches?

It’s not new.


It’s not in English either. 


but Nightmare in the Dark is ok, if a bit iffy on the controls. I found it by randomly selecting a game that didn’t reference a year in the Chinese name. 

yeah, figured they’d be the KoF games…


I could print this and slap it on with glue or something?





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