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Mega Man Anniversary Collection


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Just venting about how awesome this title should have been, and how shitty it turned out-- for the Gamecube at least.

I bought it when it released and never really played it cause the controls were screwed up. Just recently I had an urge to play some MM3 and I dont own it in any other format (save for emus) so I decided to give the disc another try. TOTAL TRASH!! I couldnt stand to play it for more than 5 minutes. How the fuck could the people at Capcom be stupid enough to allow this title to release 1.) With the jump button to the left of the fire button as default, and 2.) Theres no fucking way to configure the controls to correct this. Seriously - anyone who has ever played any Megaman title on the NES knows that the "B" button (to the left of the "A" button) was used to fire, and the "A" button was to jump.

This button position is critical because it allows you to jump with the middle of your thumb and fire with the tip of your thumb. This is very important because this motion allows for quick pressing with the tip of your thumb for rapid firing during jumps, while still performing a full jump. Reversing these button functions not only feels awkward as hell for any real Megaman player, but also makes it impossible to rapid fire while jumping without releasing the jump button.

This one little problem absolutely RUINED this otherwise would be great title. Does anyone know if the PS2 or Xbox versions have the same problem?? Pisses me off.

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I've only played the cube version too, it's slightly more bearable with an Ascii SNES styled pad. Only slightly mind.

How is it any better with the Ascii Pad? The problem is not with the GC controller, but the way the game forces the buttons to be mapped. It would be just as terrible even with an original NES pad. As far as Im concerned the wrong button layout completely ruins the game.

I dont know what the devs were thinking, but I would be shocked if any of the team that designed the game ever played any Mega Man games back in the days when they were released on the original systems. I bet it was nothing of suits that gave this game the green light. If they had spent ANY time playing the originals, theres just no way they would have programmed the collection that way. I just dont see how.

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Having now played 1-6...I wanted the X Collection, but also wanted to play 1-6 again, or for them to be there...

I was seriously going to ask someone to mod me a hori pad on cube (change the buttons around)

But with the price of a hori...it just goes back to your original point and its amazing...

Why on earth set a and b the wrong was round, and why the fuck not have alternate controls for something so simple...

I promise...its been a while....but I must of asked myself this question a 1000 times, literally. When I found out there was a collection (US) and I didn't know at the time (somehow) and jumped for joy...only to read what has been said...

An oversight? a fucking deal-breaker.

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that mod wouldn't be that hard would it? I've got a third party rubbish one lying around which I can test it out on. The anniversary collection was my first proper experience of mega man since briefly playing mega man 2 on a mates NES. I couldn't understand why the collection didn't seem right but I was very dissapointed.

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Actually, thought about it again and it won't work - the GC remotes encode the button presses, then transmit them over serial, then they're decoded by the GC. Not as simple as one-wire-per-button like the old Sega Master System.

I thought about this too-- theres only 3 or 4 wires in the GC pad cord, way less than the amount of buttons on the pad. Oh well, what should have been an awesome disc is essentially a big pile of sh!t.

I was being generous before, but the gloves are off now, I'll be brutally honest. Not only do the controls make the games unplayable, the emulation is also shoddy. A few reasons:

1.) The display runs in 480i, which cant display the original bitmaps properly. This is a shame, as homebrew has clearly shown that GC/Wii can output 240p, which would make these old games appear exactly as they did on their original systems.

2.) The display is stretched on some titles, leaving graphics/text sometimes hanging off the screen. This is immediately noticable on the title screens of 2 and/or 3.

3.) The sound doesnt sound exactly right. The emulation is a bit off.

There. I said it. Dont buy this garbage (at least for GC/Wii). :coffee:

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Sorry to suggest the bleedin obvious, rather than hack up a controller for this half arsed port, how about Emulate on a pc, Set screen up however you like, and use whatever controller you like? Save state, rewind, etc?

Sorry if ive missed the point here.

Been there and done that with emulation, point is, the MM:AC is legit and its much easier to pop into a GC and play in my game room on my big telly than booting my old emu PC (which is also connected to it with S-video out), and arsing around with a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad to play the PC emu versions. But short of buying the copies of the actual games for my NES and PS off Ebay, yeah its the obvious choice.

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