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Fortnite: Battle Royale - CH3S3 We vibin’ boys


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Also, seems they’re sticking with the “choose what to unlock” strategy for the battle pass. I’m not a fan - didn’t bother unlocking anything from the last one until I passed level 200. Unlocking it all in one go was kind of satisfying, but also made me realise I’ll probably never use any of it now. So I’ll bite the bullet and unlock as I go this time.

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1 hour ago, shirubagan said:

Haven’t played this in ages and booted it up today seeing as it’s Day 1 of a new Season. Saw I had 7,000 V-Bucks, bought the pass and played a few Solo games. Placed 35th, 24th, 76th… then Victory Royale! First ever one :D 

Could you gift me master chief plz 

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9 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:

Its a bit of a buggy / laggy mess this morning - assume the servers are getting hit but thus far the overriding feeling is ‘what the fuck was the 24gb update for?’

I reckon they just sent a whole new client/replacement download rather than an update. Developers tend to do it once in a while, they did it with Overwatch a couple of years back.

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The quest system is odd with character cards etc.

I had a quick session on Monday but I'll leave it now to weekends only, don't think much of the battle pass. Carnage could be fun to play but the rest are meh!

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