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Fortnite: Battle Royale - CH3S4: Paradise - Shiny and chrome


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That was brilliant!!



This event is going well so far. Took ages to get the damn game to launch, and then it just said every game mode was disabled, but without giving me the option to play The End. Had to restart, hopefully getting in now…

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Ive had a few hours on this, its part good and a big part shite - std new season stuff but some of the guns are utter garbage :( Love the map tho, nostalgia or more likely a lazy season before they switch engine, it does look much better tho - no win thus far, lots of 2nds and 3rds and a rage quit throwing a win away trying to be clever.


Std Fortnite then 😂

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I like it more than i thought i would.


The PUBG & COD mechanics transfer over well.


Had three Crown Victory Royale which was good to bag some extra XP.


Somewhat amusing is when you fight The Rock, he teleports in rocks to throw at you, but a quick slide with a shotgun, and it's no bother for you at all.


Nothing in the battle pass really grabs me and Spider-Man was so obvious with the film coming out just like Carnage before. 


Gears of War is such a stupid crossover as well but looks like we may be getting a cover system looking at the previously leaked trailer which could be interesting. 



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6 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:

Just one more game after we finished @Pistol @carlospie and I had one of those games where you never get the rub - always low on health, no ammo, crappy guns  and the storm always there but somehow it ended well….





Second solo dub of the season, first one was awful so not showing that one ;) 

Ah, so that’s where all our luck went!

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I haven’t had a BR yet this season, but second quite a few times and had 9 elims in one round last night. Sliding is good fun!


Quite enjoying the new map although some of it feels a bit empty, I guess it’s going to change a fair bit in coming seasons though. Just need to get to know a few decent places to get tooled up now. 


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