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I have to say


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Why the hell would you make the comparison in that way?, it's quite clear they're aiming this at a completely different market.

.::: I think now that the PSX is seeling nicely in Japan, the comparison is to emphasize the Xbox didn't just fail because of size there. Which was one of the main reasons people used to berate the Jap-launch.

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Have you got one?


I have one in stock but it's not for me.

Proper piece of kit, more hifi than console.

Is it already taken Marsh or is it for sale. What Gig is it and what are you asking for it. Was gonna PM you as I am looking to buy a Jap PS2 and this is super pimp.

Tis the big boy, 250mb, got it on ebay but it ain't cheap.

Still, I'd happily sit with it till the new year as the box itself is boshank.

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Just had a look on ebay mate. £1000 buy it now! whoa. Think I may have to look for a normal Jap PS2, also Marsh I have been told by a friend who has one the DONT play PS1 games but he may be talking shit.

I think he might be talking poo.

I've been told it'll play jap PS1 games without any problem. The ebay thing is a cynical cash in before xmas, if you don't try it you never know. :lol:

The bastard thing cost enough and Idare not open the box :lol:

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Think of unwrapping the cable ties, it'll feel nice and the smell of plastic, and the little instruction book with funny pictures in it and danger signs, and think of the lights on the machine lighting up for the first time.

Just record yourself taking it out of the box so you can put it all back in again.

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It reminds me too much of cheap hi-fi. White is so... 80's.

Funny how the Sony fanboys moaned about the size of the XBox. Yet nothing has been said about this. :lol:

I really do hope that these "media centres" are not the future of videogame consoles. Eventually we will see no consoles, but "media centres" that have games as an option. :lol:

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