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Nintendo TV


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CMI history:


Computer Modules, Inc. today based in San Diego was founded in 1982 by an engineer who worked at Central Dynamics Ltd. in Canada, Tektronix in Canada , and Matrox in Canada and USA . Our original products were Multibus cards and CMI became a leader in a niche until the industry died as the PC took over industrial control. Later in the early 90's CMI focused on high speed data communications cards. We once again evolved to a leadership role with x.25 communications cards until Cisco took over the data com market. We were really wondering where to go next. In 1999 we created a low cost DVB ASI PCI interface card for someone who did not want to pay $5000 for a high end card. The rest of the story is now visible in our product line today. ......

Engineering for CMI is done in Canada by Linear Systems Ltd. We are very closely linked and essentially operate as one. Marketing, sales, and support, and integration are done in San Diego. The core team who developed our current products have been with the companies since the early 80's. Today we have a world class team of hardware and software engineers who have learned to overcome issues with "buggy" Chips, PCI interfaces, FPGA's, Surface Mount manufacturing and even Windows 95/98/2000/XP drivers.. Because of this experience CMI/Linear has a thorough understanding of digital TV technology.

Our first "broadcast" product was the MPEG Shuttle which is a system product that marries MPEG-2 encoders with our own T1 and E1 interfaces. We pioneered inverse mixing of MPEG-2 over our T1 cards and created our own CSU/DSU's. Next came the DVB Master 1 in 1999. Next came the ATSC Master and the DVB Master FD. Others in far away places make copes sometimes. In January 2002 we introduced the IP Caster, our Linux based DVB to IP encapsulator. Others spent over 30 million dollars to develop similar products . We developed ours at the request of Nortel Networks at a cost of $300,000. It has built-in features such as SNMP management, Supports unicast and multicast technology and other IP layers. From there we introduced DVB Loop, our industry and cost leading DVB Streamer. We believe that most of the world's STB boxes are tested with it.

In the spring of 2003, as a joint effort with our partner company Cypress Semiconductor, we introduced a new technology for us SMPTE 259M interfaces and Quad density DVB ASI . In 2003, due to a customer's request, we created the world's first DVB ASI Video Timeshifter, a low cost device that allows networks to time shift their video feeds..

The story continues as we rush towards a challenging future....

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I nominate you sausage.

I have a tendency to fuck nthings up, one moment I'll be talking bout the TV, next asking him out on a date, and finally ending up being a gimp to some prince in cambodia. Or something like that.

Anyway, I don't really care about the frigging TV...

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Warning: Complete guesswork follows.

Could it be an in-store advertising device for Nintendo, issued to retailers with the intention of sending out video CD's of previews as required?

The auction doesn't say anything about the TV being able to do anything other than play video CD's.

Sounds likely to me.

It was Panasonic or someone who did the TV's with built-in Nintendo consoles.

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