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The terrifying, never-ending (old) Star Trek thread - new movies and Discovery talk in the other, dedicated threads

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2 hours ago, McCoy said:

3 out of 12 from Discovery :facepalm:


Some truly bizarre choices there. Apart from Spock, none of the other 5 are the supporting characters I would have chosen. And one of the Captain's is a genocidal murderer. 


The additional stamps are no better:







They've just tried to include as many british actors as possible I think.

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On 29/10/2020 at 19:26, Thor said:

DS9 really holds up on a rewatch doesn't it. Shame there are no HD remasters (maybe some day, I know).


When I watch DS9 I'm always impressed by the dialogue. Trek is many things but for the most part it's not West Wing, it's plot first and exciting dialogue second. 


I really think the DS9 writers. Had the plot but also had a bit more quality on the dialogue front as well. 

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7 hours ago, Welrain said:

I've been watching a few next generation episodes lately and the quality of some of them really make Discovery / Picard look even worse in comparison. Latest was Relics with Scottys return, really lovely stuff.

Yeah that's a good one. "But how long will it really take you?" ... "an hour!" :lol:

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I’ve ordered the stamps even though they’re bloody odd choices, seems like they’ve tried to include as many British main cast as possible.  I am confused why Montgomery Scott is included as a British actor on the extras :lol: 


Anyway, got a set for my dad for Christmas too, he’ll really love it, even though they’re random af :) 

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Just flicking through Netflix for something to watch & noticed the little clip of action they play to advertise TNG is from 'Code of Honour', which is simultaneously both the most racist and sexist episode of Trek ever made. :doh: 


Might need to rethink that one Netflix.:lol:

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6 hours ago, Mogster said:

I wondered if those previews were picked by an algorithm or something, as you get some really random stuff showing up sometimes. I ended up just turning the previews off.


The images certainly are so no reason the videos aren't too.


For example, if you watch a lot of POC-led shows, it'll show you cover art for other shows but focus on the POC in those shows even if they're not the stars.


EDIT: https://netflixtechblog.com/artwork-personalization-c589f074ad76


So basically, it's showing you sexist and racist stuff if you're sexist and racist.

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