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The terrifying, never-ending (old) Star Trek thread - new movies and Discovery talk in the other, dedicated threads


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Since we're all doing this... My favourite stories often revolve around time travel, alternate universe, parallel dimensions.


(Some of these episodes are recommended because of their influence on future episodes or pop culture, not necessarily being the best episodes)

Arena: Classic Kirk vs alien fighting

Space Seed: The introduction of KHAAAANNNNN

The City on the Edge of Forever: Emotional time travelling episode

Amok Time: Spock experiences the strong and violent emotions of Vulcan courtship

Mirror Mirror: The first alternative universe episode for Trek, setting the scene for many episodes in future series

The Trouble With Tribbles: Required viewing prior to the DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations episode

A Piece of the Actions: Cheesy, but fun 30s time travel story

Patterns of Force: Kirk vs Nazis

Is There In Truth no Beauty?: An excellent Spock-centric episode about an alien ambassador whose ugliest renders men mad

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: Interesting episode commenting on race


Elementary, Dear Data: The first occurrence of Holo-Moriarty, a slip of the tongue creates a dastardly and sympathetic villain

The Measure of a Man: Data must fight for his life in a Federation court

Q Who: TNG meets the Borg

A Matter of Perspective: Riker-based mystery episode about a murder seen from different views

Yesterday's Enterprise: Apart from Best of Both Worlds, probably one of my favourite TNG episodes, need to have watched S1 to fully appreciate, but excellent even if you haven't

The Most Toys: An evil collector wants Data

The Best of Both Worlds: One of the best cliffhangers of all time

Remember Me: A Crusher episode dealing with forgetfulness

Future Imperfect: Riker awakes in a surprising future but all is not as it seems

Clues: As previously stated by others, an excellent mystery episode

Cause and Effect: Super deja vu

I, Borg: An interesting side view of the Borg species

Relics: An encounter with a Dyson Sphere reveals an old Enterprise character

Chain of Command: A tour de force by Patrick Stewart

Ship In A Bottle: The return of Prof Moriarty

All Good Things: The end of the journey...

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Deadlock: Explosions! A dead Harry Kim! A pretty good plot McGuffin!

Living Witness: The Doctors program is reactivated on a planet centuries after Voyager had visited.

Counterpoint: Space Nazis who hate those God-damned psychics.

Timeless: 100th episode spectacular! See all the cast die! Except Harry Kim! Oh.

Shattered: Utterly ridiculous time-travel that knows how ridiculous it is.

One to avoid:

Those stupid fucking Irish village episodes where the Doctor, a computer program, gets hypnotised. And anything with Harry Kim centre stage. And anything about Neelix. Or Naomi Wildman

All good choices but again I'd say that you won't get as much out of Living Witness or Shattered if you are not already familar with the show. Both reward existing fans far more than a newbie would get out of them.

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The concepts were so neat and tidy because the characters didn't need fleshing out or made more real. They were just an amusing bunch of people that you liked. They didn't have to divert any time into any arcs, secrets or lengthy character development so they could get away with the first couple of minutes being

BAM! Ooh Geordie fancies someone and she's coming on board, oh look there is everyone else on the bridge but what's this SOMETHING IS TRYING TO HUMP THE ENTERPRISE!!!

BAM! We're in the holodeck doing Sherlock Holmes. Data finds it too easy. Geordie makes it harder. OH NO! Moriarty it now so smart he's sentient! THE GAME'S AFOOT!

No TV show could come of the the doors like that now. You only have to see it in Doctor Who where they slightly more time but have to fanny about setting the scene, about five minutes running away from something or other, and then end with some bloody arc. YAWN!

Anyway, we'll have to make do with this for now https://twitter.com/tng_s8

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Disaster: The Enterprise is crippled by a spacey thingy. Troi is left as the ranking officer on the bridge (oh shit), and Picard is trapped in a turbolift with three children (he hates children).

Ahh, Deanna "What's a warp core breach?" Troi. Amazing.

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Commander Jameson and SqueakyGs awesome posts reminded me of just how great TNG was. I wonder if a show like that could exist today, where every episode is self contained and there's little or no 'arc'.

I think Parallels is my all time favourite piece of Science Fiction.

Edit. Oh man, that season 8 twitter is amazing.

Neat freak silicon-based aliens attempt to clean all organics off of the Enterprise. Barclay builds his own Geordi visor, is blinded by it.

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On the otherhand I'll quite happily watch an entire Trek show over a few weeks and will skip less than 10 episodes across TNG/DS9/Voy combined, and those are the "worst.episodes.ever" to coin a phrase. Only one of those episodes is in the first two seasons of TNG (Shades of Grey), one is DS9 (Time's Orphan) and the rest are probably all Voyager.

Don't listen to this post. Time's Oprhan is a great episode. 'Proper' sci-fi, pure idea and seeing where it goes. I don't know why Dandy_Sephy keeps saying this. I'm going to call you out on it every time you trot this out :quote:

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Well this seems to be turning into the perfect place to mention the Star Trek only podcast I am ashamed to have listened to.

Certainly not for anyone but the geekiest Star Trek geeks (that's all of us right?) but it can be good fun and as all good Trek fans must the presenters pretty much spend each podcast taking the piss out of most aspects of Trek, specifically fat Riker.


If you have half hour which you'd previously set aside for staring at a wall or wallowing in self loathing then by all means give one of the episodes a try.

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I live that TNG season 8 Twitter

Beverly fights an alien info-virus that overwrites the human brain. Worf claims allergies are dishonorable, refuses to stop eating peanuts.
Wesley's outfit offends an alien president, who demands his execution. Worf gets a cold, claims he's "dying", locks himself in his quarters.

I love Worf.

Most of them are totally plausible, though. There's nothing as ridiculous as "Tom Paris breaks the Warp 10 barrier and mutates into a lizard. He mates with Janeway."

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The Enterprise is flung into the Delta Quadrant by an alien called the Caretaker. Geordi soups up the warp core and they're home by dinner.


And this one just for the Riker bit:

Data must solely represent non-carbon-based life at a Federation symposium on galactic civil rights. Riker fights a bear.
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They were trying to be different. Something not Star Trek. Remember Star Trek wasn't even in the show title for the first season?

IIRC, it was the third, possibly fourth, season that renamed the series Star Trek: Enterprise.

But, yeah, Enterprise. I can't believe I ever watched that series. All four seasons too. :facepalm:Really must've missed Trek when DS9 ended.

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Well if this thread proves anything it shows that everybody has their favourite Trek and those favourites are different for a lot of people.

For me, I've never really been one for TOS. I never knew and loved the characters the same as I did with the more modern series (excluding Enterprise). I grew up with TNG/DS9/VOY so I guess they just sort of got under my skin and stayed there. Those three go together in the same sort of era if you like, both in terms of when they were made and when they were set, although spanning a fair few years.

I find the first few series of TNG to be a bit slow, but there are some cracking episodes there, too. My advice would be to simply start at the beginning of TNG if you're not sure on TOS, but that's just because that's how I feel about it as well. The pilot of TNG really sets things up, and whilst the next couple of seasons are a bit slow, you'll still enjoy watching them. I've often started from the beginning when I watch although I do sometimes skip ahead a few years as well (end of season 3 = amaze).

Once you're done with Next Gen, you've got the movies although you don't really need to watch them then and there before doing anything else. As mentioned, TNG and DS9 overlap a bit (from the bits you may have seen, you might recall Worf and O'Brien popping up in both).

When it was first on I found DS9 slow, again, at the start. As mentioned it really picks up from Season 4 onward and turns into some amazing television, but it's a very different vibe to TNG as it's all for the most part on the space station and all. It leads to a lot more character based stuff though, I think. As well as some epic shooty bits :-D The first time I watched DS9 through from the beginning though, I loved it. You just gotta have a little patience.

And Voyager is kinda back to TNG-ish exploration, similar stories new aliens, basically. Characters for the most part not as cool (except The Doctor), but it's enjoyable enough if you forgive it for not being TNG.

So there's my thoughts really.

TL;DR version - consider starting at the beginning of TNG if you're not sure you'll enjoy TOS.

Edit: just a couple of random favourites of mine. Why not!

TNG - Disaster. Mentioned previously. The Enterprise gets bashed up, Troi is in charge, Riker decapitates Data and Picard has to sing in French to children.

DS9 - In The Cards. Ok, it's about Jake and Nog. It's a silly one. But I think it's just placed so well in the show and achieves exactly what it sets out to in the context in which it falls. They're chasing a baseball card for Sisko on what is essentially the 'eve' of battle in episode ordering and I just found it really... cute?... how they manage to brighten everyone's day a little.

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