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Fantastic work Steely. Absolutely no idea how the fuck you have pulled this together but its like when the missus says she is going to bake a cake... she tells me she is going to make it and then I see it. The details in between those 2 things dont really matter :)

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And by later tonight I mean right now. (List below in order, Pants your up first)



















Team selection is based on current league position. The * rating above each group, is the maximum quality team you are allowed to select. You can pick any team from the prem/champ within your rating range, but one thing worth mentioning is that only players rated 65 and above can be used. So if you are feeling ambitious then make sure you can make a squad from your lower rated pick.

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Quick question before I pick Steelios, is there going to be a formation set by you or are we all to stick with whatever side we pick's default?

(I think you mentioned somehting about formations in the brief summary of the concept though, if I'm honest, I didn't really 'get' most of it! Still looking forward to seeing how this plays out though...)

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