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Times You Got It Wrong


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I was wrong when I bought an Atari Lynx. Especially wrong as I cut my fingers terribly when trying to take the damn carts out of the sodding thing.

God, I was dying for one of those when they first came out. I used to draw pictures of them and enter competitions to try to win one. I thought the whole design and the little colour screen looked incredible. I'm not sure how I failed to notice that there weren't any good games for it. The helicopter one looked good, though.

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Blu-Ray beat HD-DVD.

The 3DS is doing better than I expected, although it's not a bonafide hit quite yet and I still think Nintendo messed up its launch, its original price and its 3D feature set. I stand by my assertation that the 3DS is a harder sell than the DS.

The Wii's success massively exceeded my expectations.

The Vita has done worse than I expected and Sony has underwhelmed again. It looks like it is too expensive.

Kinect did much better than I expected (and I felt it would do okay, especially compared to most).

The iPad has done much better than I thought it would. I didn't even consider sofa-surfing. The original iPhone much sold better than I thought at its crazy high price point. The Palm Pre did much worse than I thought it would.

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As a kid I always thought the N64 would win out against the PSone in the end, due to the quality of the games.

Similarly, I never ever would have ruled Sega out of the console business.

Well, Dreamcast 2 might still happen...

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Driver San Fransisco is another one, I thought it looked laughably bad in previews, with a frankly ridiculous plotline that manages to shoehorn in a way of switching between cars on the fly ("shifting")..

... release date comes around and it's met with positive feedback on here, so I reluctantly pick up a copy, and I'm rewarded with one of the best arcade racers of the past few years! ...The fact it can be picked up for around a tenner now, anyone with the slightest interest in cars of movie car chases etc should pick it up NOW!

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I wanted to make a thread on this but one already exists! From 2012!


I waited on the 3DS for too long. I thought they'd release the new models but keep the old models and lower the prices... not obliterate the console from existence as soon as the Switch hit the scene. And yes I could pick one up from CEX or the trading folder or whatever but there are still issues like existing accounts being locked to the system, the battery or internal memory failing, or whatever. Gah.


I thought Tekken vs Street Fighter was going to come out in the previous generation. The last thing I heard was that Harada may not bother at all. :( 


Finally: I can't include myself in this one because I knew it was unlikely, but I'd love to see who's ready to admit they expected “P5S” to be a port of the PlayStation RPG... ;) 

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