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I know there's one over at Board Game Geek, but would it be worth us setting up a thread here, where we can simply trade unwanted games for stuff we'd like to try? I'm not too fussed about swapping identically priced games (I'm sure we can all be sensible about it) it would just be nice I think. This has no way got nothing to do with me wanting new games and not breaking my self imposed resolution...

How about something like this for rules?

People state what they have to trade and update their lists accordingly.

Offer is made on forum so everyone can see what's available?

Items can be sent at same time, or one person waits for the other package to arrive before sending.

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I could very well be tempted to swap out Tannhauser (plus the 2nd edition ruleset I also bought for it). Subsequent conversations with my wife have revealed a fundamental hatred of it and almost zero desire to replay it, which means it'll sit on my shelf gathering dust for the next 10 years in all likelihood. I'm interested in trying lots of things, so keen to see peoples lists.

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I could do with getting rid of Talisman, Dungeon Quest and Dragon Dice. Maybe some others

I own far more games with Dragon and/or Dungeon in the title than a man of my age should ever have, or ANY man have ;)

How we going to do this? I've not traded 'owt before.

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Agree the items to swap and then either pay to post your game or agree to cover half the cost each if one persons is excessive?

Space Hulk cost £12 to post if that gives anyone a hint as to costs, DungeonQuest cost about a fiver to be posted to me.

(I'm assuming the idea is to do a swap and if you like it you keep it. Obviously if you don't then you can just swap it on again, but I don't think we're talking about a central pool of games on demand)

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I've still got that spare Aqua Romana kicking around. Looked like it was going to cost as much to send back as I'd get back, so I thought I might as well keep it.

Not that I've played my actual copy of it yet, so I have no idea if it's good or not. And obviously anyone who wants it would have bought it for the £8 I paid. But y'know.

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I've recently purchased Sentinels of the Multiverse and it's only been played once so far - doesn't really seem like my kind of thing, but I know a lot of people like it, so thought it might be worth sticking on here.

I've also got Pandemic which doesn't really get played anymore.

I do have a wishlist on boardgamegeek if anybody thinks they might fancy either game, but would be open to checking out some other offers.

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Also, if you've any interest in the games I've just posted, I'd like to try Tannhauser out.

I'll bite - straight swap for Pandemic? I've checked assumed postage costs and we're pretty much like for like and they're not dissimilar in terms of price (at least with what I paid for TH). As much as it pains me, because it is beautiful, there's no point having it sitting on a shelf doing nothing and Pandemic will definitely get played.

I'll drop you a PM shortly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

If anyone fancies swapping something for any of my listed games just let me know. Willing to put games together to trade as a single lot as well.

Up for trade so far I've got Doctor Who Roleplaying Game with a GM screen as an extra, Risk:Balance of Power and Paris Paris.

Doctor Who

Risk: Balance of Power

Paris Paris

Any good?

Also willing to swap my Duel in the Dark which includes the expansions Early Nights and the Complete Edition Expansion.




And Formula De Mini


as well as Battlestar Galactica.


Ascension: Return of the Fallen which expands Godslayer up to 6 or is playable as a 2 player stand alone game.


A collection of Dice Express games as a set.

Battleship Express http://boardgamegeek...tleship-express

Clue Express http://boardgamegeek...44/clue-express

Monopoly Express http://boardgamegeek...onopoly-express

Risk Express http://boardgamegeek...86/risk-express

Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity card game


Asteroyds (Roborally in space with more brain ache!)


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Still have Resident Evil Deck Building and Save Doctor Lucky to trade.

I have Space Hulk: Death Angel - fancy swapping for Resident Evil? I haven't the patience to figure out the god awful enclosed rules but some people seem to like it. It's barely been used and in perfect nick.

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Still have Resident Evil Deck Building and Save Doctor Lucky to trade.

I've been after that Resident Evil game for ages! I have the Winter Dungeoneer game for a partial trade if you're interested, or I could just buy it off you outright.

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