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Coolest / Worst Gaming Characters

The Shadow

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In another thread, Venice Cull nominates the Master Chief as one of the coolest FPS characters ever. I tend to agree, but when it comes to the 3rd person format, I reckon it's a toss-up between Snake's rugged bad-ass Escape from New York attitude, and Dante's stylish kick-ass coolness. I mean, turning into a demon, how cool is that?? Personally I'd go for Dante, I think he deserves to be much bigger than he is. They could've made him slightly less cocky, but I guess he can afford to be. Anyone penetrated by a massive sword who proceeds to get up with the sword dragged through him, including the hilt, deserves some respect. Devil May Cry's opening is also one of the coolest when Trish (she's HOT) throws the bike at him and he rips out the guns and shoots it straight back at him - fuckin' awesome.

No nominations for worst character, but one thing that's annoyed me recently was Michael Ironside's voice being used for Sam Fisher. He just sounds too old. I like Ironside, but the voice doesn't fit with the character.

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Not cool: Mic and Mac


Oh and Sonic - not cool any more.


Cool -



Sonic on the MD.

Link (you heard me).

Viewtiful Joe.

That Solid Snake Guy.

Ryu & Ken.


Prince (Of Persia).

That bird in Beyond Good & Evil.


Uncool -


Sonic after the MD.

Master Chief.



Every other fucking awful platform character desgined for a cool Western audience.



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Yes, 'nother vote for the deluded Tingle. Pure evil, is he.

I also nominate Garam from Jet Set Radio, what with those freakishly cool bug-eye things. 'I'll fathom you can't do this!' = excellent.

But Dante?!? From DMC? He seemed alright, then he opened his mouth to speak. Oh, deary, deary me. What a sissy. Arrogant and irritating. Barely 'cool'.

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  • Wario. He drives a pimpmobile!
  • Wesker. The shades do it all.
  • Maximillian Roivas. After killing a monster, he boots it in the face. And he has fantastic sideburns.
  • Viewtiful Joe. Enough said.
  • Manuel Calavera. Runs his own casino, smokes cigars, gets the girls, and has a chaffeur driven Bonewagon.
  • Hugo. You know who I mean.
  • Yorda. She can't do shit!
  • Crash/Vexx/Spyro/Jak/Ratchet/Croc/Insert hilariously bad platforming character here.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned Earthworm Jim yet. What an excellent character. He deserved to be a huge gaming icon and should have got The Face cover. The other characters in the game were cool too. Not that I can think of any other than Professor Monkey-for-a-brain.

Also cool: Viewtiful Joe and the characters from the game, specifically the excellently named Hulk Davidson.

I loved Ren from Shenmue 2 as well. He's the archetypal idiotic tough guy with a heart of gold. The handcuffed section of the game was like a bad sitcom. In a good way.

Worst game character: Waluigi.... :ph34r: What?

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But Dante?!? From DMC? He seemed alright, then he opened his mouth to speak. Oh, deary, deary me. What a sissy. Arrogant and irritating. Barely 'cool'.

Yeah, the voice is a bit annoying, but you have to admit, he'll kick the collective asses of Master Chief, Solid Snake and Wario with ease.

The voice artist (Drew Coombs) looks a bit like a mum's boy, but he's got an impressive martial arts track record.

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