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Finished Battlestar and whilst I agree that the quality drops around end of series 3 through to series 4 it defo ramps up again towards the end (although the finish was a bit of a letdown, would have liked more answers).

Starting on Stargate next.

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What's this 'watch another country's Neflix service' thing I've heard about in passing? It is some form of piracy? Is it very technical?

Get unblock.us


Change the region to Canada & sit back to enjoy one of the better Netflix Libraries.

If it was not for rllmuk I would not have known about Region switching & have stuck with the UK library but paying that little bit extra per month for a VPN has really made Netflix an amazing service & my default destination for TV Shows & newer movies (that I've not watched on lovefilm).

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I've never had an issue with hola and been using it for years. Just stick to the most popular servers. It has a voting system so you can see ones that are dodgy.

or pay like £2 a month and not have the possibility of security issues at all. Unblock's a great, simple, service.

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