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Getting my sister a Chromecast and Netflix subscription for Christmas, however I cannot for the life of me work out how to purchase a 6 month gift card of some sort?

Has anybody done this in the past? A wikihow link I followed just didn't present me with the options that I should of had.

I was looking into this recently too. You can't buy Netflix gift subscriptions anymore. They abandonded them because they had problems. I think a whole load of them got stolen or people were selling dodgy ones or something like that. Doesn't seem likely they will ever come back. The gift redemption page still exists in case someone still has one, but you can't buy them.

Don't buy one from eBay either. They look legitimate and have lots of positive feedback but apparently they sell real ones and they work for a while except you can't change the name or password, and then they phone up Netflix, get them cancelled and sell them to someone else.

The best I came up with is, if you have a Netflix account yourself and you trust your sister then you can give her your Netflix details and she can use the same account. This sounds dodgy but Netflix allow it. The default account allows up to two people to view something at the same time (if a third person tried to view something while two people were watching then it wouldn't work, but you can upgrade to a four people at once account if you like). You can also set up separate profiles to keep your preferences separate.

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Bill Burr's latest stand up special "I'm sorry you feel that way" went up on Neflix today. Guessing it's everywhere as its a Netflix exclusive. Hands down best comedian out there for me (bar maybe Louis CK) although not for the easily offended.

Also Chealsea Peretti's stand up special "one of the greats" went up last week I think. Another Netflix exclusive and worth checking out.

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Ah, okay. That doesn't sound bad. Checked out the metacritic and rotten tomatoes and it sounds good. Probably watch it after Rocky Balboa finishes.

Edit: well, I'm not a fan of the pre-credits sequence. Hope it improves.

I just want a film to scare me, dammit. The only ones that have ever come close were Picnic At Hanging Rock (which no-one but me thinks is a horror); the Japanese version of Dark Water and a couple of scenes of Paranormal Activity 1.

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Okay, Christmas movie time. I have the regular festive favourites, in no significant order and with the Netflix region:

  • Muppets Christmas Carol (USA)
  • Trading Places (USA)
  • Miracle on 34th Street (Canada) - 1947 original
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (USA)
  • Gremlins (France)
  • Scrooged (USA)
  • Home Alone (Netherlands)
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles (USA) - I know, but it feels Christmassy
  • Jingle All The Way (France) - Because Arnie punches a reindeer

And a few TV specials:

  • Father Ted - A Christmassy Ted (UK)
  • Bottom - Holy (Ireland) - Richard 'Richie' Richard RIP :(
  • Blackadder's Christmas Carol (USA)
  • Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge - Knowing Me Knowing Yule (UK)

Feel free to add a few suggestions of your own. Unless you are suggesting Elf, which is the most offensively rubbish piece of shit ever created.

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Er, Frozen is on Netherlands Netflix...... Yeah, the wife and I thought we better see what the fuss was about, turns out its an average Disney film.

You're obviously not a little girl aged somewhere between 3 and 8. It's scary how well Disney nailed their target demographic with Frozen. Tangled, Brave, Up, Wreck it Ralph... don't even get a look in with my little girl, and (it would appear anecdotally), the same is true of her peers. Yeah, so consequently I know all the words to all the songs too :(

Anyway I noticed The Man With the Iron Fists and Oculus have arrived. Canada or possibly the US I think. RZA is pretty shit in it, but still couldn't help taking some pleasure from the former.

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You're obviously not a little girl aged somewhere between 3 and 8.

Wider than that. Got a two-year-old boy at home who loves it. Fucking annoying that all the merchandise is aimed at girls. Or if it is one of the few pieces aimed at boys, its all about Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. Why is a boy not allowed to think that Anna and Elsa are badass? They totally are!

You'll right, I'm not lol!. I actually really enjoy Disney films though, something for the whole family etc, Frozen just wasn't as spectacular as I expected.

It peaks at Let It Go, I think - an incredible performance of a brilliant showtune with great visuals. Weird to think that Fixer-Upper is the last song of the film - after that, it's just not a musical any more. Very strange. When they do the Broadway show they're going to need quite a few more songs, and they're going to have to somehow come up with a finale that outdoes Let It Go. Or move Let It Go to the end, or reprise it, or something.

I would absolutely love it if in the sequel Elsa turns out to just actually be gay.

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Wider than that. Got a two-year-old boy at home who loves it. Fucking annoying that all the merchandise is aimed at girls. Or if it is one of the few pieces aimed at boys, its all about Kristoff, Olaf and Sven.

Sounds like you made that decision, not him. Buy him some Elsa and Anna dolls!

There are some really really funny moments in Frozen, like the segue into Anna waking up for Elsa's coronation and her following grogginess, which makes me laugh loads. It's so obviously no Tangled though.

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Nah. A pair.of trousers that says "princess" across the butt is aimed at girls. Or a t-shirt that says "sisters forever".

He does have some pyjamas where the trousers are pink with hearts on.

Tangled is a comedy, Frozen is a musical. I think they're both good at what they do, but Frozen lets itself down by running out of songs. Tangled doesn't have a scene as good as the Let It Go scene, mainly because that song is just so incredible, but it's more consistent overall.

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