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It bloody well could be.

This will be the next simulator from the guys who bought you netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy...

The Assetto Corsa physics engine has been designed and coded from the ground up, using practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the best possible accuracy of physics and tactility of feeling. A physics engine like this begs to be used with officially licensed content: As such, Assetto Corsa will include renditions of international circuits, global car brands, racing prototypes, historic cars, single seaters and some of the most iconic cars ever built, providing a complete, and exciting,racing experience!

Its also moddable..

Every day simracing enthusiasts write to us asking for us to add support for modding and customisation to our products. We recognize that in the simracing community there are a lot of talented people able to recreate cars and tracks with accuracy and passion, often to a better standard than commercial products. As such, we have decided to design Assetto Corsa as a modular simulation system that allows players to express themselves at their best by creating the mods they desire.
Therefore, within Assetto Corsa the interface, overlays and the core software are designed to be fully customizable allowing additional mods made by the simracing community to enhance the simulation, allowing it to thrive. Can’t find your favourite car or track? With Assetto Corsa, you will be able to make it yourself! Also, Assetto Corsa will include several racing, practice, and competition options in order to satisfy any need for fun and entertainment.

Indeed netKar and FVA are considered very decent sims but theres little in the way of pictures or track details so its more about putting it out there.

Heres the first movie...

And it doesn't say much most other games don't do.

But one thing that will froth the racing heads is their first car sign up and for that i can show you a movie..

Well i can tell you the game will feature graphical details such as Full defered rendering with shadows, HDR, bloom and even words like AO which i'm not sure what they even mean and word on the net is this is THE sim to watch.
And its due in 2012, although may likely go down the same Beta route both Rfactor and pCARS as gone.
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It runs until March - use the same paycode for that as you do for this.

Right now i think NK Pro and Rf2 are slightly better in the FFB - but thats using G25 mode. This game is endorsed by Fanatec themselves and the game has a direct link to the wheel editor.

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So...running a CSR here in G25 mode.

I think the physics seem accurate enough from what i drove at Silverstone (well an Exige actually) but to me, its not yet up there with Rf2 or NK Pro in what the track and tyre frictions are telling you (and lacks some of the stabby FFB). You can close almost close your eyes and drive with both of those at current builds. It lacks a bit of graphical grit and dirt you'd get from racing but otherwise its very stable.

The interface/App mode is great too and the cam selection is second to none. They'll no doubt add more as time progresses and i should run the CSR in Fanni mode really to get the most from it. But i ran G25 mode in all the other games so had to be fair. I might add the FFB is leaps beyond the Forced centering of Forza 4 and the softness of GT5.

You can feel what the car is doing most of the time (the back end is a bit subtle). You need to run a few laps to warm the tyres up.

This was on default values although i'm not even sure anyone has it.

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Whilst your rationale makes sense, Fanatec mode might be just as fair, Dimahoo - at least now that you've run it with the Logitech option. Maybe there's more to come going the direct rather than G25 workaround route.

What might relate to your impressions is that I'm not yet sure where they're heading with the game. Like anyone nowadays, accessibility is inferred and I haven't yet seen if that's the interface (which many consider woeful with nK Pro!), tempering the physics or - my hope! - creating a title that fits all through settings. Everything from 'Fun' to 'Pro' modes would be brilliant!

Can't install it yet, but I'm replete with nK as of yesterday. Having tried it in its earliest days, I've been wanting it for sooo long and now I've a PC running again, I couldn't leave it at that price - accompanying Tech Preview or not. I don't know how AC will run with my older vid card (a 9800 GT) but I'm aiming to give it a run during the next week or two. Hopefully much earlier, though! That and get on the hill climb! :D

Thanks for doing a vid again, Man. It's on the 'to do' list for later.

1st of Smarch :mad: for the €4.99 price, by the way. That was £4.49 at the time my payment went through.

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Its very much about the details. Car handling under pressures, suspension, and responses on the tyres. The old gen (rfactor) needed mods to exact these feedbacks.

Something like this or GameStockCar or pCARS do it much better.

Graphics arn't so important and the consoles generally do this better (albeit at lower resolutions). Hopefully GT6 and Forza5 will improve matters futher.

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I had a go on this earlier in the week - Driving the Lotus 49 around Old Monza felt very familiar, if /slightly/ more forgiving and controllable than GPL was (which is probably accurate).

a note to hardcore PC sim developers, though.

The Lotus 49 wasn't the only awesome car in Grand Prix Legends.

Thank you for listening,

Rich (A Dan Gurney Fan).

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Some chat from dutch infamous sim physics guru Niels...

I don't usually advise people to listen to the Dutch as they're weird.

(They eat salty liquorice despite the fact that country is potentially subject to flooding - which if you think about it is largely the same as people in Kagoshima eating Silicon).

But hey, well worth a watch.

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Ha, when has a sweeping assumption ever hurt anybody? :hat:

As i've said to Meerman and Joe in the past Its more the fact you seem to sell it in what us english would call the "sweetie section" of your fine garages. Most confusing to us english, despite us generally being a seafaring nation.

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Stunt Car Racer comes to Assetto Corsa....courtsey of modders. Not sure how many tracks will be included but many peeps would pay for a new version of SCR in itself. Now it comes to one of the best sims out there!

Automatically you'll get the full roster of AC cars, more then a remake would have anyway.

Hope they can make the AI work!

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Ok, I've been watching this over the last few weeks via early previews and news bits....looks amazing for a relatively low budget newcomer. Looks amazing for anything tbh.

However, a couple of things make me take note.

Having not played it (no gaming pc for me), I cant comment on physics, but the dynamic ui is genius. Makes me wonder why that isnt an industry standard. That's one thing. But the thing I really wanted to ask about.....audio. It's amazing, a really seems to capture the feel of a car that is full of precisely engineered, yet barely contained power. I was wondering if they'd made any mention of how they recorded them, at all?

Thing is, you take, say, the zonda, and run that alongside a zonda in forza for example. You can tell they're both recordings of the same car, but for whatever reason the levels seem to have been mixed very differently. In forza the whiny F1-esque engine noise itself is very dominant, in AC it seems like the additional sounds, turbo, aspiration, the clunk of a gear shift, seem to have been given more parity.

Whether that's accurate or not I couldnt say, but it seems like it should be.

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If you think the Assetto Corsa sounds are good you should check out Raceroom Racing Experience (which is free to play):


Assetto does sound quite good, although in my opinion it suffers from the engine noise not getting louder as the revs increase. The engine pitch changes but it doesn't get any louder which just seems a bit odd to me.

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