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1 hour ago, davejm said:

@Valver when do the first round races run until?  I might get a couple of evenings practice this week.

Round One - Monday 8th - 12th November - Practice 5 Minutes - Qualifying 8 Minutes - Race 15 Minutes


The track for the first knock out rounds will be Laguna Seca.  Mod file will be on simracing.gp.  Races will take place at 19:00 (local time to the region)

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Blimey registering for a knockout heat has proven to be a much more involved process than it needs to have been.  The TCR Discord is full of confused people asking the same questions over and over.  I feel sorry for the mods having to deal with it - but they have made it overly confusing in the way they're slowly drip feeding out new server slots IMHO.


Anyhow - I'm racing in Heat 19 on Thursday this week...

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I'm not going to bother.  I'm busy Wednesday to Friday this week, so I'd only have been able to do a race tomorrow with no practice around a track I don't know.  So I'm out.


Good luck for your heat!!

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I do appreciate the effort in the mod though.  It would have been a relatively easy project given the data they had but a fuck load of people now know about WTCR.


And because TCR is a worldwide rules package then thanks to people doing skins you can already race, eg - The Challenge series in the US where they run alongside GT4.

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6 minutes ago, Dudley said:

The same guy's channel has a tutorial which might be worth you watching.


Aha! I'll give it a watch.


Edit: holy shit that's a bit elaborate.

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