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(Shameless self promotion alert) JoeK Minis launches 'zO'

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I know you know about it, but this is the official launch! And I can show you the pretty new zO logo too!

Anyhoo, from the press statement:

Originally released by Steve Buddle, zO is now in the hands of JoeK Minis! Launched in style with a brand new logo by none other than Tears of Envy, the hope is to really establish the range, get new figures out and expand what is already a fantastic universe of really great characters. Our website has been fully updated with new sections and (finally) a fully integrated web-store. The six original figures are available now in resin, along with a limited amount of sets in metal. Come over and have a look!

Of course, there's more than zO, but as I'm now thoroughly absorbed in the thing, I thought I'd act on it!

Here is a pretty pic or two...well, seeing as I painted them, I guess that's debateable :P



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Joe, why the Wizard of Oz theme rather than more generic fantasy or sci-fi?

Well, it wasn't my idea originally. Steve Buddle designed and worked out the world years ago and started off selling them via his own company (Eolith). However, early on last year he was taken on by GW, so had to sell off his own stuff. I missed out initially, but at end of the year I was offered them. I've loved the figures dearly for a long time, so snapped them up, and ever since then I've been busy thinking on how to grow the range!

I've still got plans for sci-fi though...I've (now) got a fairly strong idea of where I want to go with it, but am getting help from my writer friend to work on the world itself. However, it definitely won't be this year I think. I'm having too much fun with zO, and also the 'standard' JoeK Mini line!

Oh, and money. Lack thereof :P

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