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Good new horror films


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Any recommendations?

I'm open to most things, have watched all the Final Destinations, Saws, Screams, Paranormal Activities etc.

I do like a good found footage film, but have watched most that I can think of - Blair Witch, Noroi, Lake Mungo, The Last Exorcism.

I just want something good and creepy. Completely open to anything from anywhere, as long as it's good.

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Haven't seen it but I hear Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is very good. More of a comedy horror though.

It's certainly leans more to the comedy side than horror. There is gore / blood but I'd class it as a dark comedy.

Kill List is creepy, odd and a bit pretentious. Not exactly a horror film by definition but it has it's moments. I didn't really like it, well I liked the first 3/4's but it does end up in Wickerman territory.

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Obvious answers:

The Orphanage

Loved Ones

Less obvious:

The Baby's Room

Bedevilled - not really a proper horror film per se but quite an interesting film nonetheless. The review is spoilered below:

In a way this reminds me of another Korean film, Iodo, albeit one where the control shifts from the women to the men. But it still has that small island mentality where a declining population that has become increasingly isolated begins to commit brutal and heinous acts to the weakest in the community. Bedevilled is a slow build as you are given time to get to know the characters and way of life on the island. It is a depressing life for any young woman on the island as they are practically slaves, both for labour and sex, to the males. The way older women are complicit in this way of life, as well as the hinted incest, makes the first half a deeply depressing experience. It is at the halfway mark where it becomes more like the revenge films we have become accustomed to from South Korea of late.

It is certainly no cheerier but there is at least a (bloody) release for the island's chief victim. Her revenge is just as unrelenting as the abuse she has had to endure for years, although much swifter. Because of the slow build the traditional revenge in the second act manages to pay off as you are more invested in the characters. It is not that you agree with her actions of retribution but you can empathise with how she would get to such a point. I'm sure the country is making other genres but it seems as if the only things that make it to these shores are these brutal and unrelenting revenge thrillers, they might be very good at making them but some different, lighter, genres wouldn't go amiss occasionally.

Autopsy I don't want to oversell this one, it is low budget, not scary and I watched it after a long run of terrible movies, but...

Well this was a pleasant surprise, an old fashioned gore movie that actually delivers on the grue. Unlike the recent spate of torture porn movies that are an unremittingly grim slog this is much like those '80s indie horror films where excessive gore was used as pure visceral entertainment. I don't want to oversell Autopsy it is definitely not on a par with the best in the 'genre' but finding it on TV late at night you could do worse. The characters and situation are stock horror fare but some of the murders are pleasingly inventive and they don't scrimp on the blood and internal organs. Most surprising is that even the performances are quite good. Robert Patrick has fun as the evil doctor as does Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez in Aliens). Above all everybody making the film knows they are trying to entertain and gross out an audience, there is no social commentary here it is just a demonstration in how old school practical effects can still be a great tool for horror. Positives aside the film isn't remotely scary, the script could be more amusing and there is a superfluous supernatural element to the story but none of these are deal breakers.

Old but recently re-released:

Who Can Kill a Child?

The best way to describe this is it is The Birds but with children. It starts with heavy handed news reel footage of all the atrocities adults do unto children. This opening montage is out of place with the rest of the film and is a very cheap device to elicit the desired response from the audience. Once the film starts proper it is a very slow build. In fact very little happens within the first hour but the film is well worth sticking with. When the shit does hit the fan it turns into a wonderfully atmospheric thriller when a husband and wife try to survive an island full of sadistic children. It poses some interesting questions especially how you would react in a similar situation? The film also delivers some genuinely surprising moments which is rather rare for these types of film. If you have any interesting in European cinema it is definitely worth tracking down.

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I know a lot of people hated it, but I thought Insidious was certainly the scariest recent effort, though it does sort of collapse at the end. Then again, I hated House of the Devil and Wake Wood, and found Kill List a bit bemusing, so I may just be out of step with everyone else generally.

We can all agree The Ward was crap though, right?

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I just watched a brilliant Belgian found footage horror called 'Vampires' from last year. Not really scary, or gory, but really imaginative - really enjoyed it!

I just saw the exact quote on Twitter! Then I realised it was you who posted it! :facepalm:


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As silly as it is, The Woman in Black has a nice, creepy atmosphere to it. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark from last year was ok too, as was Julia's Eyes.

I'm assuming you've seen [REC] and it's (lesser) sequel? Eden Lake and The Mist are worth watching as well, although they are about the bleakest films imaginable.

Edit: Forgot about The Hole too. Must see!

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Session 9 is worth a watch and has a nice creepy atmosphere, my friends were looking for something creepy to watch on netflix the other day and when i saw this i suggested they give it a go as i remebered likeing it when i saw saw it years ago. Upon watching it again i realised it has a massive Shining influence but i enjoyed it again and so did my mates.

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I watched Orphan the other day which had the most ridiculous plot twist I've seen in years. I'd recommend it just for that. The rest of the movie was reasonably enjoyable dumb Hollywood fun and surprisingly well acted.

In terms of genuinely excellent movies I'd second The Orphanage and The Others.

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