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Good new horror films


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but what is it?

A Jennifer Aniston romcom?

Edit: can't believe I typed romcom. I've let myself down.

Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve, escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple's peace is shattered when a gang of obnoxious kids encircles their campsite. Reveling in provoking the adults, the gang steals the couple's belongings and vandalizes their car leaving them completely stranded. When Steve confronts them, tempers flare and he suffers a shocking and violent attack. Fleeing for help, Jenny is subject to a brutal and relentless game of cat-and-mouse as she desperately tries to evade her young pursuers and find her way out of the woods.
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Triangle and The Children are both decent recent efforts (although Triangle is more the thriller end of the scale).

Good to see a nod for The Last House on the Left remake above. The Crazies is also another remake pretty well done

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Caught The Loved Ones a few months back on film four. Thought it was great.

I enjoyed House of the Devil.

Thought The Orphanage was quite sad rather than horrific,

Been trying to get hold of The Baby's Room, but with no luck.

Autopsy sounds interesting as does Who Can Kill a Child. In fact that sounds similar to The Children.

Seen The Others too. Was...ok.

Thought Insidious was awful. Awful.

Pontypool I really enjoyed. Bizarre concept carried out well.

The Ward was pretty forgettable.

Seen REC, REC2, Eden Lake and The Mist.

Dead Snow? Nazi Zombies? Yep. Fun. As was Troll Hunter which I really enjoyed.

Julia's Eyes and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and The Devil inside? Never heard of these. Will look into.

I Spit on your Grave. Not really interested. Inside - amazingly horrible.

Session 9. I started to watch this but it just seemed really cheap. Does it get better?

Ophan. Borephan was my one word review for a friend.

Wolf Creek was pretty brutal.

Innkeepers... Never heard of. Another to look into.

Grave Encounters sounds just like my sort of thing.

Triangle - I really loved this. Thought it was bloody great - along with Timecrimes.

The Crazies was ok.

So yeah, some suggestions for me to work on. It worries me the amount of horror I've seen and forgotten sometimes until people mention the films.

For those who liked Wolf Creek, Rogue is bloody great. Big crocodile shenanigans in the outback by the same director. Slow starter, but fucking brutal once it gets going.

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Session 9. I started to watch this but it just seemed really cheap. Does it get better?

How far did you get into it? It is cheaper looking at the start and the performances are also ropey but it does get better. It doesn't do anything original but it is one of the creepier modern horror films.

I'll second whoever said The Hole (the Joe Dante version). It is a kids film but puts most adult horror films to shame.

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http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1437358/ From Mr [Rec]

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1610996/ was also ok, low budget, nice idea. Odd, though, and a few plot holes etc.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0870958/ is worth a jolly old crack, as is:

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1407972/ not to be confused with Daniel Craig's shitty new effort.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0883995/ for a jolly old bag of wtf.

Can't believe no one mentioned http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844479/ either.

And this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1629377/ for the currently a-typical Spanish effort.

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Oh and this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0453383/ which is short, wtf and superb.

The big problem with Next Door is that...

The twist, which is pretty much the whole appeal of the film, is too clearly signposted early on. That and it feels like it has been cribbed from other, better, films.

Not a terrible film by any means but a bit overrated, just like http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1223934/]The Door and Left Bank.

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Now this is a really bad movie but it is surprisingly entertaining.

Cemetery Gates- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0402904/

A genetically mutated Tasmanian Devil is "liberated" by two eco-activists and set loose in a woodland cemetery.

Cemetery Gates is a mutant monster movie with a truly terrible monster costume. The good thing is they hardly try and hide it with shooting most of it during the day to make it plainly clear it is a guy in a modified monkey costume. The film also delivers on the blood, spilling intestines and flying limbs. Once again these effects aren’t particularly convincing but they don’t need to be and they are very generous of the quota of blood. A number of people on IMDb have proclaimed this the worst film they’ve ever seen but they either don’t watch many direct-to-DVD horror flicks or they missed the point of it being so bad it is good. The cast are a mixed bag but the characters are so broad and over the top (most of them are dicks) that the performances work adequately enough. For fans of bad creature features you could do a lot worse than this, it ticks over at a good pace, you don’t have to wait for the next kill and you get to laugh at the shocking effects along the way too.

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Just finished watching Insidious. What the fucking fuck was that? To be fair it had its moments in the first half of the film, but the second half was so relentlessly stupid and it all looked really cheap as well. At times it bordered on unintentional comedy, at others it tried to do Kubrick and failed.

Just, wow.

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Watched Grave Encounters today. Was pretty decent.

Could have done with some kind of epilogue about where they found the tapes and stuff that got sent to the producer, but apart from that it's a pretty good found footage movie.

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