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Pixel Nation, competition time!


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So it sounds like you've actually lost money on the previous issues. Is that correct?

If so, what would you need to charge per copy to actually break even? If that's not something ridiculous then maybe put the price up? Once you've got a following (increased readership) then bring the price down again.

I'm probably talking crap but as a buyer of both the previous issues I clutching at ways to keep it going.


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yes. It was virtually finished as well but just can't afford another print run so won't be going ahead.

It does seem a real shame that you're folding and I genuinely think you'll regret it (speaking from Disposable Media experience). How are the pages made? If they're in Indesign/you're on a Mac, have you looked at replacing a print run with a proper app version through the Adobe Creative Cloud?

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