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Dokuro - PS Vita, by Game Arts

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This looks interesting:


Ragnarok Odyssey developer Game Arts is working on their second PlayStation Vita title. We actually saw a glimpse of it earlier this month when Sony Computer Entertainment Japan revealed Dokuro.

Dengeki PlayStation has more details about the game, which centers on a servant named Dokuro. He watches as the princess is captured and Dokuro steps up to rescue her. But, what’s an average guy going to do? Fortunately, Dokuro has a special power that lets him turn into a hunk and in this state you can carry the princess.

Dokuro is described by the magazine as a 2D action game and if you’re not sold on the premise you can try it first. Game Arts plans to release a demo of Dokuro.

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More details and gameplay info from Andriasang:


Dokuro begins when the Princess is kidnapped by the Dark Lord, who plans to marry her. He locks the Princess away in his tower until the wedding.

You play as the game's titular character Dokuro. Dokuro guards the demon realm and is entrusted with watching the Princess, a duty that he takes seriously. However, seeing the Princess cry evokes a strange sensation in him. Hoping to see the Princes return home, Dokuro betrays the Dark Lord, frees the Princess, and attempts to lead her to the tower exit.

That's where you come in. Taking control of Dokuro, you'll need to lead the Princess through the tower, successfully navigating gimmicks and traps along the way. Dokuro can transform from his normal ghoulish self into an attractive hero. In ghoulish form, Dokuro is capable of performing double jumps, allowing him to reach hard-to-reach platforms. In hero form, Dokuro can carry the princess.

Teaser site: http://dokuro.gungho.jp/

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