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Killer is Dead - new game from Suda 51/Grasshopper

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From Famitsu, via andriasang.com:

The second game in Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games' partnership (following Lollipop Chainsaw) has been revealed in this week's Famitsu to be "Killer is Dead". Suda 51 is directing Killer is Dead, but it's not a sequel to Killer 7.
The game promises to retain the essence of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, though. It also promises to be a sort of "Dark Side 007" story in that it will feature a number of beautiful Bond Girl-like ladies - hopefully not as carrier pigeons ;)
On the gameplay side of things, early reports indicate that the game will have swordplay à la "No More Heroes", but with new elements.

The game's main character has a profession known as "an Executioner." And he goes around the world putting an end to S level criminals.
Planning for the game began at the end of 2009. Actual development did not start until Spring 2011, though. The game is currently still quite early. Development of a prototype is either complete or nearing completion. The first draft of the game's scenario has just been completed.
The key words for the game, according to Suda 51, are "Moon and Earth". The main character will visit a variety of places in order to fight his enemies. These enemies apparently have something to do with the Moon (?)
Other keywords and themes include "Brilliant Game" (er...) and "Love." Love is an important theme for the game, said Suda 51, because the main character has someone he wants to protect, and he's fighting for this. The idea of "How far can you protect someone" seems central to the story as well.

Killer is Dead will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013.

Debut trailer:

Launch trailer:

2nd trailer:

3rd trailer:

4th trailer

Official website:

>> http://loveandkill.com/


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Let's hope it's more like No More Heroes and Killer 7 (like the article says), and not too much like Shadows of the Damned.

TBH I actually preferred SotD to NMH. And Killer 7 sits taunting me from my epicshelf - I've only played it for about 20 minutes!

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One day a developer will make a game that looks exactly like the concept art, LOOK AT IT. Really hoping this goes for a more the serious tone than favouring to Otaku's. Loving what I am seeing so far

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  • 9 months later...

Remember when No More Heroes was announced with this trailer:

and then the final game looked absolutely nothing like it? Well, this looks like that trailer all over again. Blatantly another game in the Killer7/NMH mold - possibly even a Killer7 sequel? Looks incredible.





More screenshots at famitsu.com

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Found a bit more info:


Only a short time in the future, where we travel to the moon and remodel our bodies, one day main character Mondo Zappa receives a notification of employment from the secret state agency called “The Execution Office.” Here, he is tasked with executing assassins around the world.


The battle basics are primarily close proximity attacks with swords. Weapons unfold in acrobatic movements.

In addition, the main character’s left arm has been modified and can change from a drill to a gun, etc. It can be upgraded as you progress. Mondo lost his memory of modifying his left arm.

By absorbing your enemy’s blood, you can utilize a powerful attack called “Adrenalin Burst.” A large quantity of blood gushes when you decapitate your enemies. There is a component where you can transform people into dark matter, too. The Adrenalin Burst move seems to change the dark matter included in the blood into energy.


The moon appears in various images. Stages are set in various places around the world, including old Western style buildings and an alleyway with Japanese style homes.


Mondo Zappa: 35-years-old, born in America, the main character. He is the man with the black suit and glasses which appeared in the first public artworks of the game. He regards executing as his job and carries out his work without fear. He is a man of taste and likes to seduce women. His favorite food is half-boiled egg.

Vivian Squall: 25-years-old, born in England, a member of Brian’s execution office, and the younger boss of Mondo. She is a young blond woman who wears a tight, sleeveless outfit. She is usually calm, but can lose her composure when it comes to private topics.

Mika Takekawa: 20-years-old, born in Japan, and Mondo’s assistant. She met Mondo at a certain event, and because she is good at making half-boiled eggs, the two get along and live with each other. She’s a natural airhead.

Victor: A criminal who steals talent from musician jubilees, which play songs of manipulated human emotion. He releases sounds of evil intent from a huge tower, so that he can fill the world with malice. He usually appears like skin and bones, but he’s very robotic when he transforms.

Brian Roses: 65-years-old, born in America, and chief of the execution office. He carries pride in his work, but is indifferent towards his management. He was the best executioner, having had his flesh turned into a cyborg once, but he’s retired now.

Killer is Dead is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

Sounds a bit like No More Heroes. Also: Mondo Zappa is a great name. Finally: this summer!

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Never has launch title quality rendering looked this good!

Eh? Whazzat then?

Also, how many references can you spot?

There's some really obvious ones; the title is of course a reference to Killer 7, the importance of the moon as a symbol as well; the whole swords thing seems similar to No More Heroes core mechanic; the protagonist shares the same name as the main character from Flower, Sun and Rain.

But I bet there's others too...

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