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Retro Gamer Issue 102


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Have to say the magazine is going from strength to strength, I'd have thought it would have been hard to keep coming up with interesting articles but they are just getting better every issue.

I'm no huge fan of Star Wars these days but Dat cover :wub:

Despite having billions of games to play right now I really really want to go fly an xwing all of a sudden.

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Strider, what are the chances of a small box-out in the 103's Double Dragon article regarding the in-progress Spectrum remake? ;)

C'mon, look at those involved - a Spectrum coding legend, a close personal friend of yours and another guy!

Yes, that would be very nice!

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Enjoying the Spectrum article, but it highlights yet again, why the Stamper brothers either need to grant an interview or write a bloody book about the Ultimate days!

LM for the quick interview was inspired :D

Still no luck with Gargoyle Games, Strider?

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Excellent issue covering many different aspects - intrigued by the Salamander Software piece, and as ever enjoyed the Making Of features. Here's a quick rundown on the issue contents...

Making of The X-Wing Saga

Making of Cybernoid

Classic Game: Kid Icarus

From the Archives: Salamander Software

Making of Super Mario RPG

In the Chair: Ian Livingstone

30 Years of ZX Spectrum

The Complete History of WipeOut

Virtual Boy - a look at all 22 official gamesL

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Another good issue. Strider : any progress (or even a confirmation) of a pinball related feature in an upcoming mag? The recent passing of Steve Kordek (which I know you devoted a page to) seems like appropriate timing.

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