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Ace of Spies - now live on Kickstarter

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Yeah, the publishing company has decided to take a different approach with the pledge levels so rather than see us limp over the finish line they thought it'd be better to bomb this one and relaunch in a few days time. So don't worry! It'll be back!

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I'm afraid it's a bit out of my range with taxes and handling fees added on and stuff. Best of luck with it though Michael, sure you'll hit the target with ease.

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It's fucking corking. So much back stabbing hilarity.

Played it today, on the wrong end of the back stabbing hilarity several times. The guy giving the demo pulled no punches with me and another chap. Sign me up!

I'd want to go in for a multipack also, (if someone would have a relatively newish member. Always been more of a lurker than a poster) :)

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I've emailed the folks at Albino Dragon to see if they'll set up a multi-copy option. Will let you folks know asap.

Thank you ALL so much for swinging by and playing. I'm sorry I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted with you all - as you saw, I was busy as fuck all weekend (and my brain was mashed - stoopid depression kicked in in style on Friday).

I'm so appreciative that you played. I'm overjoyed that you liked it.

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Moosegrinder and I could quite happily get by on one copy between us, but if the numbers are right I would like to back and get my own copy. Will happily bow out for someone else if there's an odd number of people from here wanting one.

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Nah, plenty of us abound.

Right now there's the following people looking for partners:

Me! Memememe!

AK Bell





Which is a perfectly rounded number of people. I'd be really happy to double up with AK or Wiper, pretty happy with U-1, relatively comfortable with Fondue and worried with Filecore. Just being honest! Let me know if any of that works for anyone!

Happy to stand out for it, take Paypal on FUND DAY! for half the amount and we'd need to have a gentleman's agreement in place for import costs (handling/duties).

EDIT: In fact, I've just backed it individually, so let me know if you want to double up.

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