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Ace of Spies - now live on Kickstarter

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Cheers guys! I'm holding off on the champagne (I do actually have a bottle!) until the campaign actually ends. Tonight, I'm celebrating with some sugar-free 7-Up. Living the high life, yo.

Is that the one you never gave me back?

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I owe you guys an apology for not supporting the second campaign. I've been off work for 9 weeks with an injured back. Until I find the root of the problem (the NHS is moving very slow on me), my future's quite uncertain and I need to be careful. Sorry, chaps. Once I'm in a more secure position I'll happily buy the game once it gets to the shops.

Well done on your success, guys.

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I played Ticket To Ride The Card Game last night. After all the comparisons and rule explanation I was a little concerned it'd be a spurious purchase (even at £13) but I shouldn't have worked.

It's completely different in the way that it plays, bar the way you draw cards. That's it. Oh, and being a card game. It's like complaining themat Monopoly is a rip off of Mouse Trap because you role dice in both of them.


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Congrats dude, really pleased you tipped over the stretch goal as well. Fingers firmly crossed that this is just the first success of many!

(And that it'll appear in a shop in this country ASAP).

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