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Young Justice: Phantoms - Back to basics for the 4th season!


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Seeing as there was never an official thread for this show, the fact it's continuing straight into it's second season this weekend seems like a good opportunity as any to start one. The show started very strongly but suffered from delays getting episodes to air once the first 8 or 9 were completed.. But it's well worth catching up on now the first season is complete.. The writing has been excellent and the animation is superb, looking particularly lovely in HD.

'Invasion' has been appended to the shows title for season2, due to the fact that the majority of this year will be focussed on one plotline.

The look of a few of the characters has been revised a little and there are three new additions to the cast (not including the ones added within the last few episodes)..


The series was created by Greg Weisman (Gargoyles/Spectacular Spider-Man) and Brandon Vieti (Batman: Under the Red Hood & Brave and the Bold) focussing on a group of young heroes and sidekicks of the Justice League's major players.

Eager at being allowed into the hallowed Hall of Justice for the first time, the young sidekicks of Batman, Green Arrow, Flash and Aquaman are disappointed to find that the Hall is little more than a front and their integration to the League itself is still a long way off.

Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy quits in disgust and leaves to reinvent himself as Red Arrow. When the League are called away to an emergency, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad team up to respond to a fire at the Cadmus genetics lab.

They discover a huge complex underground filled with geneticly engineered creatures and discover 'The Weapon' an imperfect 16 week old clone of Superman..

Escaping Cadmus with the clone (quickly dubbed Superboy) they defiantly promise the Justice League that they can't stop them from doing what they've been trained to. The League relents and the team is assigned Red Tornado as a guardian and set to be utilised as a covert group for low-key and intel gathering missions.

Things rarely stay low-key however and they repeatedly run into agents of 'The Light' the mysterious organisation behind Cadmus and many of the major threats the team (and the League) go up against over the following months.. all of which comes to a head at the end of the first season..

The starting line-up: Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis eventually expands to include Red Arrow, Zatanna and Rocket. Given the events of the finale, that will not necessarily be the case moving forward.. However new cast members for this season will include Wonder Girl, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle



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Wasn't sure what to expect from the second season of this.. but I don't think many were expecting.... that..

Gonna have to go into spoiler territory from here, but last series ended on the stroke of New Year after the team saved the League and the second series picks up on Jan 1st - except skipping ahead a full 5 years. The team is almost completely different with mostly new additions.. It's a bit of a headfuck and it'll be interesting to see what happens from here.. An alternate future? Or a way of radically changing up the series?

Robin (now Nightwing), Superboy and Miss Martian are still present, but look to have gone on to become full members of the League..

Aqualad, Artemis and Kid Flash were neither present or indeed mentioned..

Tim Drake is now Robin, Zatana and Rocket are still present. Wonder Girl and Batgirl try to save a diplomat from alien bounty hunter Lobo, uncovering a further alien in the process, while Beast Boy, Bumblebee(Karen Beecher), Mal Duncan, Blue Beetle & Lagoon Boy assist the others take down Clayface.

Adam Strange brings the League a strange tale of alien incursions onto earth and the team divides to investigate..

It's hard to know what to make of it all (but it's been fun reading the rage on fan noticeboards about it) but I find it hard to believe it's not part of a wider story that won't snap back to the 'present' or fill in those intervening years. Interesting to see where this is to go from here anyway :)

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I did a massive catch up last week in preperation for S2 starting up. I was worried at first about the five year skip, especially since the first season set up a few storylines which I'd fully expected to be continued. But any worries were wipeed by the massive grin on my face as new characters showed up, some of the changes were shown and there was at least one reference to the Giffen/DeMatties era. This is a billiant take on the DC Universe and as far as I'm concerned this is the proper one after the whole New52 debacle.

Between this and Avengers:EMH (confirmed Marvel zombie right here) I'm having a great time watching cartoons these days.

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Wasn't the biggest fan of Avengers: EMH, but it had it's moments. Looks like it's pretty much done for though..

Fans of the successful ongoing Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes TV Series are about to be disappointed. As my sources have confirmed to me, Joseph (Jeph) Loeb, the head of Marvel Animation studios, has cancelled the currently successful series in favor of a new Avengers Cartoon that will be produced by Marvel's newly acquired studio (MAS) and will be inline with and in the same universe as the currently airing Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.

My sources have also added that not to expect an official announcement until the fall, as Marvel does not want ratings to drop for the second season of Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes which has just started on April 1st and is being met with a tremendous positive response.

Apparently, the initial plan of the new Avengers show consist of only self contained, standalone, episodes as opposed to story arcs, as Loeb has made it very clear that he dislikes TV show stories to run across several episodes. The new Show will be on air by Fall 2013.

The Avengers Earth Mightiest heroes is currently one of the most successful series on Disney XD, and was met with very positive response from fans of all ages. Unfortunately, much like the great Spectacular Spider-man series, the show will be cancelled in favor of a new cartoon that seems to be addressed to younger children like the currently, not so positively met, Ultimate Spider-man.


LOEB: That’s certainly something that we’re talking about. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has a tremendous following. One of the things that’s very unique about that show is that it was at a time prior to my coming in. It is a very serialized show, and there are a lot of characters. What we wanted to do with Spider-Man, and going forward, was to tell stories that are individualized.

Obviously, we want everybody to watch the show every week, but we also know that people’s time is often taken. So, DVR the show, but if you’re not going to do that, the idea is that you will be able to catch up. I don’t ever want anybody to sit down on Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock and suddenly feel like, “Well, I lost the last three episodes, so I don’t really know what’s going on.” The only thing that is a two-parter is the pilot, which will actually be shown in its entirety on Sunday, April 1st.

It is also interesting to note that the second half of Avengers EMH season 2 will have only self contained episodes, since Jeph took control over marvel animation when only the first 13 episodes of season 2 were written, hence the second half of the season (the part under his helm) will contain only stand alone episodes.

:facepalm: :facepalm:

There's also a new Hulk show (Agents of S.M.A.S.H.)! Which will also be modelled on the Ultimate Spider-Man universe/style..

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

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They finally get a decent, universe wide animated series, with so much potential and they just throw it away.? Well done Marvel, well done.. *slow hand clap* As if I didn't hate Loeb already for the crap he pulled on the Ultimate universe in comics.

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Was surprised by young justice's ytime skip, but pleasently. Looks like it's working weel and looking forwarfd to more.

Earth Mightiest Heroes is OK, but why put it in line with Ultimate Spider-Man. That show just doesn't really appeal to me. It can be funny but so far it's left me a little underwhelmed.

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I was getting a bit bored of YJ in season 1 with the 'who is the traitor' arc seemingly going on forever but as the last few episodes got things going with all the reveals and twists.

I enjoyed the first 'Invasion' episode a lot and even though it may go timey wimey and go back the the old setting I was also smiling throughout with all the cool characters (G Gordon Godfrey and Adam Strange!) etc.

Fingers crossed it stays '5 years later' for a while or permanently!

Hopefully YJ can carry on for a good few seasons more as it is looking to inherit the JL/JLU crown and with Avengers EMH being canned we need a great superhero show to keep us going :)

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I thought the first series was pretty shite, i kept watching to see YJ's versions of my favorite characters (Bane etc) and being somewhat disapointed, but fuck me does that trailer look bad ass.

If it's half as good as that trailer i'll stick with it for this season.

I always thought Justice League Unlimited worked better with a joined plot!

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Really enjoyed the second ep:

Never realised Beast Boy was the kid who got blood off Miss Martian - makes a stupid amount of sense though really. I can feel Miss Martian turning towards the dark side (dat force choke) which'll be cool. And I'm liking the time-skip more and more, giving me a strange Watchmen kind of vibe which can only be good! Anyway the episode had a good amount of action in it and story so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

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Really enjoyed the second ep:

Never realised Beast Boy was the kid who got blood off Miss Martian - makes a stupid amount of sense though really. I can feel Miss Martian turning towards the dark side (dat force choke) which'll be cool. And I'm liking the time-skip more and more, giving me a strange Watchmen kind of vibe which can only be good! Anyway the episode had a good amount of action in it and story so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

It was a nice reorigin story which I loved alot, it was discussed early on when we first meet Gar and then it sunk in. Genius.

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Really enjoyed that also.. Be interesting to see how the much bigger cast is handled, whether we'll have two or more teams to follow now..

On the one hand it's a shame to lose the team as it was, but it's also a ballsy move to shake things up a lot.

Liking the addition of Beast Boy, he reminds me a lot of Aang from Avatar:TLA - he's a fun, cheery kid dealing with a tragic past.

M'Gann seems to have taken a few steps towards the Dark Side, seemingly lobotomising that Krolotean at the end, much to Superboy's dismay (perhaps a similar incident being the cause of their split)..

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Not much in the way of details revealed yet, so it's here rather than in the gaming forum...

Young Justice: Legacy is on the way for 360, PS3, Wii & DS..

Young Justice: Legacy is an Action RPG where players control multiple characters in a squad created from 12 possible team members to explore, fight, gather experience, and level up. It will feature both solo and multiplayer missions that follow an epic plotline spanning many locations all across the DC Comics world of Earth-16.

Written in conjunction with the series producers, the game is set somewhere in the 5 years between series 1 & 2.. The 12 playable team members includes one character who has appeared only once in the series - so far.. )

Tempest - Aqualad's friend from the Atlantis ep

There is also a line-up of 12 villains to defeat.. Due early 2013..

The developer is Little Orbit, who don't seem to have many games under their belt yet, aside from a Sherlock Holmes iPad tie-in and a hairdressing game for the Wii/DS, though they are also developing a game based on the Mistborn fantasy novels in addition to YJ:L

Heroes/Villains line-up for the game:


First Screen:


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Latest ep was superb..

Aqualad going evil, essentially murdering hundreds of aliens, as well as easily taking down Superboy was pretty shocking..

Great to see Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl fighting together as well as Superman having not only accepted, but being being proud of Connor..

However this ep leaves the team pretty much on their own while the League clear their names..

Pretty weird having the same guy voice GL (John Stewart) in this series also voicing Kilowog in the GL animated series..

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Episode Four

I really thought from the begining that it was going to do the whole Speedy VS Cocaine storyline :(

Was happy with the whole Jade part though :)

Yeah, they shied away from that one (unsurprisingly) - though he's clearly messed up in other ways..

Great to see Wally & Artemis making a go of it too.. Presumably they will get dragged back in?

Always good to see Cheshire (though I keep thinking it's Michelle Forbes' voice, it sounds so much like her).. and it's nice to see them threading together a lot of disparate comic plot strands for the various characters into this universe..

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Unsure on spoiler timeframe here so spoiler box up just in case etc

Just watched episodes 2 to 4 and....

I think that with Red Arrow they pretty much made it explicit to older viewers that he was a junkie (especially visually), it was a good 'cake and eat it' portrayal that comic fans would understand but obviously wouldn't be a problem for kids TV.

Really enjoying the show much more this season and the expanded roster works well as does the 'what happened in between' tension and reveals of characters relationships and allegiances.

The Bat family in action was awesome and I like that the main Leaguers are off world so they don't seem ineffective or get in the way as they have done in previous shows.

Even though it has all been done before in Superman:TAS I'm loving the intergang/apokolips tech story and can't wait for the inevitable arrival of Darkseid, Orion etc. We've already had the Tommorow People ffs!!! :D

In fact I hope the little green alien threat is replaced by Darkseid soon as they are getting boring now.

I'm liking the 'by any means necessary' attitude of Miss Martian, wonder why Superboy had to dump her?!

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Just finished #6

Looooadddds of story going around this episode.

Was good to see stumpy at the end :) Also am i right in thinking that the observers have a motherbox?

And fuck me was the Nightwing takedown at the begining the best 3 seconds in ages?

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2.07 - Depth

Fuuuuuuucccckkkk!! :omg:

That was an incredible episode!

Artemis' death!

M'Gann tampering with Connor's head..

The revelation at the end! The Light aren't the only ones who can play the long game..

Absolutely fantastic stuff.. :wub:

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Loving it!!!

Great episode answering some questions in surprising (for me!) ways.

It seems like the first season was a mis-step very much like season 1 of JL. YJ season 1 had both bad pacing and perhaps the choice/set up of characters was wrong.

Looks like the showrunners have solved all that by giving the fans what they wanted in the first place, Dick/Nightwing and Tim/Robin, Wally/Kid Flash and Bart/Impulse etc. The classic change of realizing that writing for a fabled 'young only' audience is harder than actually writing a show based on the strengths of the property that fans and young viewers will like.

As an example looks like Ultimate Spider Man isn't getting the best reaction from fans as it's using a style supposedly 'down with the kids' when really kids loved the 90's Spidey, Spectacular Spidey etc.

Rambling I know but yeh, great episode and really picking up as a show.

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YJ is on summer hiatus following last weeks episode - as with most other US shows, new episodes are scheduled to return in Sept/Oct



We're going into hiatus for the time being, and since it's been a bit of a while since my last update...

SEASON ONE of YOUNG JUSTICE has all aired, but starting this Saturday and Sunday we'll be airing some reruns, including 119, "Misplaced" as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block. Check local listings or cable guides for times. If you jumped aboard with Invasion, and haven't seen these Season One episodes, you'll want to check them out. It's good stuff, I promise.


*Episodes 201-207 have all aired. (How was "Depths" for a pre-hiatus cliffhanger? Not too shabby, huh?)

*Episodes 208-210 are in the can.

*Episode 211 has been edited and spotted for music and sound effects.

*Episode 212 is being edited.

*Episodes 213-218 are all overseas being animated.

*Episodes 219-220 are also overseas being animated, but we have a few more color models here in Burbank left to complete and approve.

YJ Legacy game interview - both with the writer and series writers..


Some interesting series bits in there also, Greg Weisman says the 5 year jump was always planned and the game will be in canon and takes place a year before S2..


Black Canary will be the trainer in the game, Red Tornado allocating new tech/equipment.

The game, in terms of development, is still in the Pre-Alpha Stage.

Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Superman will appear in some form of support role.

There are 17 missions total and it is estimated it will end up at around 20 hours of gameplay

The screenshots posted online were from the PS3 and are by no means final. It is still very early on.

This (likely fake) pic appeared on a series animator's blog - spoilering it anyway for a (possible) forthcoming character.. and an odd fashion choice for Nightwing..


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Comic Con sizzle reel.. SPOILERS!


Looks like we have a new hero..

Static seems to be joining the team

.. some new villains

Deathstroke and Tigress (though one of the people who assumed that identity over the years was Artemis (Crock), so it looks like that may be her undercover alias)

and it possibly reveals the identity of 'The Competitor'

Black Beetle, meaning the main villains of this series are likely The Reach

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